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vrsaVila Real de Santo António council has decided to deter shoppers in the city for 30 years by allowing a widespread parking meter scheme in return for a monthly fee. 

Parking meters in and around the city centre already have been installed to the horror of local shopkeepers who fear less trade will result. More meters are planned, bringing the total to 1,800.

Nuno Miguel Pereira Nineteen year-old Faro-born Nuno Miguel Pereira is a barista whom everyone would be delighted to see behind the counter of their usual cafe. Let’s not be fooled by his age, because he has already participated in international contests in his area of expertise. He was recently chosen to take part in a European contest in Romania, and he achieved a very creditable seventh place. Even this Romanian competition was not his first competitive effort. Earlier this year he took part in a contest in Aveiro in the north of Portugal, where he won fourth prize.

Sign the Petition to restore BBC Radio iPlayerEarly in February 2015, with very little warning, the BBC changed its process for its popular radio live streaming and on-demand services so that all but one brand of internet radio are unable to receive the on demand service of the BBC radio iPlayer. These changes were not made the subject of a Public Value Test by the BBC Trust, in clear contravention of Trust guidelines.

Those involved with cutting off the streams and outsourcing to a different platform appeared not to be aware of how this would affect the thousands of people who make use of internet radios to listen to the BBC.

Possible 'Retirement Village' Project - can you help?Most people choosing to come and live in the Algarve are approaching or have reached retirement age. Life here is good… however sooner or later comes the anxiety as to what to do when we are ‘really old’ or circumstances change so that we need help. Where is help available or should we repatriate?

At the same time there are many older people from the Northern Hemisphere who want to spend say the winter months in a kinder climate. Some of them may require some simple medical or social support.

Meanwhile there are a number of ambitious residential/holiday projects that have been embarked upon but not finished and sadly have gone into bankruptcy. Can these factors be used to mutual benefit?

Brits and the Weather in the AlgarveIt’s a well-known fact that all conversations between the Brits start with a summary of the weather. We are famous for it, foreigners laugh about it and we can’t stop doing it. Wind, rain or shine we’ll discuss it, moan about it or welcome it, but we will talk about it.

The Algarve has a temperate, sunny climate and is famous for averaging over 300 days of sunshine each year. The Brits have upped sticks and moved here in their droves for this very reason. And yet... we still start all our conversations about the weather. Not about the seasons, but what the daily weather forecast is or was, and if it’s right or not.