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Move Overseas With Ease - Tips & Ideas To Live Your Best Life Abroad (Part 3)

MOVE OVERSEAS WITH EASE - TIPS & IDEAS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ABROAD (PART 3)Mistakes expats make (and how to avoid them). As an intercultural psychologist and expat coach, I have heard a lot of people’s experiences about moving abroad. I have narrowed it down to 3 mistakes expats frequently make. I also give some suggestions to deal with the issues so you don't get trapped in them too.

Essential Skills to Succeed in the Police

ESSENTIAL SKILLS TO SUCCEED IN THE POLICEIf you like the idea of a career where you can help others and play a proactive part in keeping your community safe from crime, a job as a police officer might be an ideal choice for you. However, the decision to enter a career in the police should never be one that is taken lightly.

Move Overseas With Ease - Tips & Ideas To Live Your Best Life Abroad (Part 2)

MOVE OVERSEAS WITH EASE - TIPS & IDEAS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ABROAD (PART 2)Tips to overcome culture shock. You’ve moved to a new country and you're living in a different culture. You might be excited about the new adventure or fearful about what’s ahead. Either way, your life is sure to be filled with new emotions. And let’s be real: how you deal with these emotions will greatly affect how well you adjust to the new culture.

Ten questions to ask before moving to another country

TEN QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE MOVING TO ANOTHER COUNTRYThere seems to be an obsession with people putting out websites about 'the ten cheapest countries to retire in', or 'the top ten best countries in the world'. Interesting maybe, but not necessarily very helpful. It isn't a good idea to settle down in a country simply because it's cheap. And what someone else may like, you may hate.

AlgarvePLUS Magazine - August 2021

AlgarvePLUS Magazine - August 2021Here’s to our biggest issue yet. Sixteen pages more than our very first edition, and that means something like five more features, created with your lifestyle, and your taste, in mind, and influenced by your opinions and wish lists. Made to order, so to speak!

CLICK HERE and view full screen to read AlgarvePLUS August 2021.

Expert Welding Tips for Absolute Beginners

EXPERT WELDING TIPS FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERSWelding is a trade that takes months to learn and years to master. To make the most of your time, we have compiled some expert welding tips for absolute beginners. These are intended for those just starting in the industry or those who want to improve their skills.

Physician Tips and Hints on How to Study in Medical School in 2021

PHYSICIAN TIPS AND HINTS ON HOW TO STUDY IN MEDICAL SCHOOL IN 2021Life for a medical student can be very stressful. Most students who get into medical school already have a strong work ethic and dedication. It is getting used to long hours and the sheer volume of material that can be challenging. 

Simple tips on how to improve paper writing skills

SIMPLE TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE PAPER WRITING SKILLSToday active people require many skills to succeed in society. However, as the world becomes digital, writing stays among the core skills for students or employees, and entrepreneurs. Some people think that writing is a talent you cannot develop, as you have to be born with it. Nevertheless, the experience of some purposeful individuals proves that you can improve any skill, including writing if you have enough effort and time.