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Are you being fed too much bad news?

thumbsA Times columnist recently pointed out that compared with any period in the past half century, the world as a whole is “healthier, wealthier, happier, cleverer, cleaner, kinder, freer, safer, more peaceful and more equal.”

Probably true. Trouble is, that kind of news doesn’t sell papers and attract advertisers.

Guadiana Festival, 40 musicians and one very cheeky monkey

Guadiana International Music Festival - Oct 24/25/26With just over a week to go we are moving into top gear at the Guadiana Festival with a line up of acts published on the web page today.

We now have over 40 musicians performing at the Quay, Alcoutim in the eastern Algarve during the weekend 24 to 26 October, with bands and performers from Faro, Huelva, Villa Real, Ireland, Belgium, Alcoutim and some boat people with no fixed abode.

First National Study in Women's personal and professional satisfaction

Women & Success SurveyIn 2013 the Women & Success project created, in partnership with the Group of Social and Organizational Psychology of the University of Algarve, coordinated by Gabriela Gonçalves, Ph.D, the first national survey which aims at analysing the levels of women's satisfaction with their personal and professional life, in Portugal.

This study seeks to bring to light how women perceive their overall fulfilment; to what extent they feel there are opportunities for their personal development and in how they manage to balance out these two dimensions, the personal and the professional.

A Canadian reader's view of the Algarve

4828Algarvedailynews receives many letters from readers across the world. The especially lovely one reproduced below arrived from a frequent winter visitor from Canada whose appreciation of the Algarve made me think that some expats are in danger of forgetting the many reasons why we live here.... Ed. 

  "I love, love, love to tell you how much I love Portugal and, in particular the Algarve.  I particularly enjoy going in the winter months to avoid the bulk of tourists, the higher temperatures and to get some significant bargains, which is a huge bonus.  

To me, once you have experienced a "vacation", which is really much more like a visit to a second home, it is hard to embrace the type of all-inclusive resort trips where one sits by the pool for days on end mellowed by watered-down rum or a  cruise, where you rarely get away from the banquet, let alone off the ship.

Are Algarve expats really living the dream?

Meravista expat survey resultsThank you to everyone who supported the 2013 Meravista Algarve Expats Survey by promoting it or taking part. The results are in!

There are around 52,000 foreigners living in the Algarve and an increasing number choosing to retire, relocate or buy a second home in the region. So, what’s the attraction? After making the big move, are estrangeiros in the Algarve truly living the dream, or are they screaming, “I’m an expat, get me out of here.”?

“Women must believe more in themselves”

“Women must believe more in themselves”Over 60 women took part in the Women & Success conference on Saturday 7th December, enjoying the chance to connect, learn and share experiences with other professional women from across the Algarve and benefit from personal and professional development workshops.

Organised by Ria van Doorn of Conscious Communication, Ivone Sousa and Ilse Noppen, the conference was hosted by the Hilton Vilamoura, and as well as the chance to network and meet new contacts, delegates took part in development workshops covering leadership, identifying your personal brand and maximising your potential.

Expat insights into life in Portugal

Expat insights into life in PortugalPortugal is a popular destination for expats as well as tourists, with communities dotted throughout the country, but most notably in the Algarve. It’s easy to see why too, due to the favourable weather and excellent cuisine, but once expats relocate here they can be subjected to life-changing experiences and learn valuable lessons from their Portuguese compatriots.

Below you’ll find the insights of those who have lived or are living in Portugal and what they’ve learned whilst living there.

Yet another fantastic OPEN!

OPen IX Exhibition at Arte AlgarveGaleria Arte Algarve, Lagoa - did it again! Very possibly even more people came to OPEN IX than have ever come to an OPEN before… we didn’t have time to count - but there was a steady stream of visitors from the minute the doors opened at 3pm until well over two hours later. As the sun travelled lazily into the west, people were still chatting contentedly on the terrace, drinking wine and delighting in yet another fantastically upbeat day for art and culture in the Algarve.