Algarve's tolled motorway traffic at an all time low

Empty lanes means taxpaers stumps up moreThe Algarve’s A22/Via Infante motorway suffered a decrease of 10.4 % in its Average Daily Traffic in the first quarter of 2013, compared with the same period in 2012 - which was bad enough.

Olhão socialists outfoxed by 'an obscure and unnatural alliance'

Olhao town hallThe Socialist Party has ruled the council in Olhão since time immemorial, at least since local elections were allowed in 1976.

Another Loulé housebreaker caught

Housebreaker arrested Valuables and computer equipment have been recovered by Loulé GNR and a man arrested for burglary and theft.

Minister to face Algarve hoteliers

Planned for the Algarve coastlineThe Hotel Association of Portugal is holding its 25th National Congress of Hospitality and Tourism in Albufeira. 

Statins shown to reduce stroke numbers

StatinsStatins are credited with a dramatic drop in the number of strokes affecting people in the UK.

Ryanair turns around

RyanairRyanair appears to be entering a cathartic phase.

Low inflation rate remains

Inflation stays lowAnnual inflation in the EU countries was an average of 1.3%, considerably higher than Portugal’s rate of 0.3%.

Minister shamed as restaurant VAT stays at 23%

VAT on food to stay at 23%A disappointed secretary general of Portugal’s association for the hotel and restaurant sector said the board will convene a special meeting to answer the government’s insistence that VAT at 23% on meals in a sector that has nearly halved in size is somehow a good thing.