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Tourists reject Madrid

MadridMadrid suffered a drop in tourists this summer, while other parts of Spain saw numbers rise.

Ireland prepares to wave goodbye to Troika

Ireland says goodbyeIreland is poised to exit its EU-IMF bailout programme, but plans to keep its austerity measures in place, according to analysts.

Portugal’s banks - customer complaints up 25%

Complaints upConsumer credit, mortgages and deposit accounts are the areas that have received the most complaints by customers so far this year.

Portugal’s law association expels 13 lawyers in 5 years

Bar Association slow and inefficientPortugal’s Bar Association has expelled the grand total of 13 lawyers in the past 60 months, mainly for fraud and for stealing client funds.

GNR suicides have “escalated alarmingly”

GNR suicidesThe Association for the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) commented today that a revised plan is needed to prevent a further rise in the suicide rate among its members.

Portugal leads Europe's recovery

Portugal's output beats forecastsIndustrial production in Portugal rose 8% in August from the July figure, the highest increase in Europe, according to Eurostat.

British milk sells to China

Milk to ChinaChinese companies have started making direct approaches to British farmers asking to buy millions of litres of milk.  China is the world’s largest consumer of milk.

British human rights defended

Blind justiceThe Director of Public Prosecutions in the UK has underscored the need to keep the Human Rights Act without changing it.