Expat wills could be challenged

Wills to be challengedA new law in the UK could make it easier to challenge the wills made by British expats.

Currently, a claim can be made only if the person died while domiciled in England or Wales.

Poor insulation blamed for fuel poverty

Insulate or freezeFuel poverty in the UK is second only to Estonia among all European countries, according to campaigners.

More than five million British households are already in fuel poverty, which occurs when people have to pay more than 10% of their income on energy just to keep warm.

McCann case reopens in Portugal

Madeleine McCann case reopensMadeleine McCann’s parents are 'very satisfied' with the reopening of the investigation into the disappearance of their daughter in May 2007.

Gerry and Kate McCann expressed their delight in a statement to the press today, saying “We are very pleased that the investigation to find our missing daughter Madeleine has been officially reopened in Portugal.

"We hope that this will finally lead to her being found and to the discovery of whoever is responsible for this crime.

Angola-gate gathers steam

President dos Santos is not amusedPresident Jose dos Santos of Angola is still irritated in the extreme with Portugal's cheek in taking legal action against some of Angola's business cummunity but the president of the Industrial Association of Angola, José Severino, said today that although he was "concerned" about the tension between Portugal and Angola but believes that "the storm" will end.

"We are convinced that this is a storm that soon will be over. It’s essential that relations between Angola and Portugal return to normal, but it’s worrying of course," said Severino speaking after statements made on Wednesday on Angolan Television by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Georges Chikoti who stunned Porttugal’s business community by announcing an end to cooperation with Portugal, choosing instead to develop trading relations with South Africa, China and Brazil.

CTT to deliver mail on Saturday

Post office deliveries on SaturdayTo minimise the effects of today's strike, Portugal’s Post Office workers will deliver mail on Saturday.

Volunteers sought for UK online voting pilot

Voting online pilotBritish expats could soon find that they can register to vote online in UK elections.

Some 3.5 million eligible expats around the world could be presented with an easier way to cast their ballot, but only those who have been abroad for less than 15 years.

Gay and Grey

Vive la difference!An expat in France is developing a retirement village for gay Brits who are over 50.

The village is to be the first of its kind in Europe and is situated near Narbonne in southern France.

Online password security should be tightened

Online security an issueOne in six people in the UK use their pet’s name as their password for their online accounts, leaving themselves more vulnerable to fraudsters.

A recent study also discovered that 49% of people use the same password for all their accounts, another risky practice.