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They heard us! - the EU Referendum Bill update

They heard us! - the EU Referendum Bill updateThank you to all who lobbied the House of Lords before the October 13th debate on the EU Referendum Bill. The issue of voting rights for EU citizens and UK expats is still firmly on the agenda thanks to your work and the work of New Europeans.

It was debated in the House of Lords (see extracts from House of Lords briefing HERE)

Winter Fuel Payments. Letter to Cameron and 'DWP deception exposed'

iceThis is an open letter to British Prime Minister from expat Roger Boaden MBE about the deception used to canncel winter fuel payments for many expats in Europe.

"Dear Prime Minister

On 26th March on television you said: “Treating people with dignity and security in their old age after a full working life is one of the most important things we can do as a country and that’s why I’ve been so clear that pensioner benefits like the free TV licences, the free prescriptions, the Winter Fuel Payments - they will continue for everybody! I think it should be your right and I think we need to make that very clear.”

If Britain leaves the EU ?

If Britain leaves the EU ?I was sent a copy of an article in the September edition of The Central Brittany Journal (www.thecbj.com) by James Bell – “So what happens if Britain leaves the EU?”

After the Corbyn election as leader of the Labour Party (*see note at foot), and the migrant crisis which is seriously affecting sentiment in the UK, the verdict in the Referendum becomes yet more problematic. The pendulum of the decision is swinging violently.

Election hots up, candidate reveals all

stockingsGone is the perception that all politicians are shady. Well, at least one isn’t. With just over three weeks to go before Portugal’s general election, the left-wing Lisbon candidate Joana Amaral Dias has emphasised her belief in transparency.

But why would she choose to appear on the cover of a glossy magazine in the nude?

ISIS map shows invasion of Portugal and Spain by 2020

alentejoThe extremist group ISIS intends to take over the Iberian Peninsula by 2020, also the Middle East and North Africa, according to a BBC journalist.

The book, "Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State", includes maps and plans of the terrorist group for 2020.

If the UK leaves the EU - what are the implications for expats?

eumapIf the UK votes next year to withdraw from the EU, what will be the impact on British ex-pats living elsewhere in the EU?

The answer isn’t straightforward and will depend on many decisions which have not been debated in the British parliament.

No Vote, No Voice

No Vote, No VoiceTO EVERY BRITISH CITIZEN WORLDWIDE - this concerns every citizen.

Please sign this petition either for your own sake, or for solidarity with the British Citizens in Europe.

Magna Carta - 800 years of freedom

magnacartaNot surprisingly, given it was written 800 years ago, there’s much in Magna Carta that sounds alien to our 21st-century ears.

From its heartfelt plea for ‘standard measures’ of wine and ale ‘throughout the kingdom’ to its rumination on what should happen to a man’s fortunes should he die while in debt to Jews, the medievalism of the document sings through its 63 clauses.