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portugalflag"I recently heard a speech by Professor Paulo Almeida at the Estoril Political Forum; he is a friend with large international experience. Here it is, in abbreviated form," writes Jack Soifer.

Will this become a Failed State?

It may be, judging by recent facts in the last months, in the political, judicial and institutional spheres, all of them very busy with too many cases of corruption, protests, and failures.

Is Europe financing Daesh?

isisDaesh has used, from the outset, modern weapons and techniques few people know about.

These are weapons resources that only the five largest powers have, three of them are in the EU.

'Seeking science-religion accord' by Len Port

popefrancisJust hours before joining hundreds of thousands of pilgrims celebrating the centenary of divine visions at Fátima last weekend, Pope Francis whole-heartedly welcomed scientists attending a Vatican conference designed to bring science and religion closer together.

The Vatican had invited leading astrophysicists and cosmologists to its astronomical observatory near Rome to discuss “black holes, gravitational waves and space-time singularities”.

'France: hidden figures' by Jack Soifer

eiffeltowerI’ve written earlier that the presidential elections in France would end up in a mess. I told friends that Le Pen would not win, but would get most of the votes of unhappy citizens. I was wrong. A new group almost won the elections, the NABO (Null, Abstention, Blank, Other), with 37% of electors. Macron got only 41.5%, far from the majority.

Worst results for the current so called “democracy” in France is the abstention among youngsters (30%) and young professionals up to 34y, (28%). We all know they are the ones who get onto the streets to fight for their democratic rights, those who arrange and guarantee strikes and who may, desperate, start violent protests.

Democrats Abroad Portugal Elects New Officers for 2017-2019

Democrats Abroad Portugal Elects New Officers for 2017-2019Democrats Abroad Portugal (DAP) elected an accomplished and energetic new leadership team during their Annual General Meeting, April 1, in Lisbon. DAP is part of Democrats Abroad, a legal entity of the United States’ Democratic National Committee for Americans living overseas. The team is enthusiastic to increase and engage members across the country, register voters, and inform and encourage voting in critical 2017 special and 2018 elections. 

Bribes on the EN125 contract?

crashlouleI’ve written several times that the reconstruction of the EN125 in the Algarve is totally outdated, using roundabouts recommended 35 years ago, writes Jack Soifer.

The latest technique is to use mini-radars to measure incoming traffic nearing a junction with the lights switching to green when there is a high volume from one direction.

This current EN125 reconstruction, characterised by months of inactivity, is causing more accidents than ever.

'Trump, le Pen and the Algarve'

thedonaldI love to read results scientific research on many subjects such as sustainability, innovation and econometrics - sometimes on the real reasons behind behaviour so, having read some reliable papers, I wrote on Trump and LePen: http://canalc.pt/index.php/2017/02/23/le-pen-vencera-como-trump-venceu/

In summary: On 01/03/10 I said on RTP-TV that Portugal was already in a depression, i.e. a long recession. Fatima Campos asked if it would be three years, I said "eight to ten."

'Plan to counter expat Brexit confusion' - Len Port

8572A database of channels for reliable information is being assembled and will be kept up-to-date over the coming months and years by a specialist team at Cambridge University to help British expatriates cope with concerns about how Britain leaving the European Union may impact on their personal lives.

The researchers behind the project say one of their main aims is to insure that good information and advice “to prevent rash Brexit-induced decisions” by British students, families and retirees living on the continent reaches as many UK citizens abroad as possible.