Bribes on the EN125 contract?

crashlouleI’ve written several times that the reconstruction of the EN125 in the Algarve is totally outdated, using roundabouts recommended 35 years ago, writes Jack Soifer.

The latest technique is to use mini-radars to measure incoming traffic nearing a junction with the lights switching to green when there is a high volume from one direction.

This current EN125 reconstruction, characterised by months of inactivity, is causing more accidents than ever.

'Trump, le Pen and the Algarve'

thedonaldI love to read results scientific research on many subjects such as sustainability, innovation and econometrics - sometimes on the real reasons behind behaviour so, having read some reliable papers, I wrote on Trump and LePen: http://canalc.pt/index.php/2017/02/23/le-pen-vencera-como-trump-venceu/

In summary: On 01/03/10 I said on RTP-TV that Portugal was already in a depression, i.e. a long recession. Fatima Campos asked if it would be three years, I said "eight to ten."

'Plan to counter expat Brexit confusion' - Len Port

8572A database of channels for reliable information is being assembled and will be kept up-to-date over the coming months and years by a specialist team at Cambridge University to help British expatriates cope with concerns about how Britain leaving the European Union may impact on their personal lives.

The researchers behind the project say one of their main aims is to insure that good information and advice “to prevent rash Brexit-induced decisions” by British students, families and retirees living on the continent reaches as many UK citizens abroad as possible.

‘Proud of my roots in Goa’ - Portugal's PM interviewed for the Hindustan Times

antoniocostaPortugal PM Antonio Costa is in India for a week on a State visit.  Ahead of his arrival, the Prime Minister spoke to the Hindustan Times on a wide range of issues, including the rise of populist forces in Europe and the need to boost economic ties between India and Portugal.

At a time when most of Europe is seeing the emergence of populist right leaders, how do you explain your rise as a socialist leader? Is Europe moving more to the right?

Portugal is a country open to the world, with a cosmopolitan and welcoming society. It is not a coincidence that I am the first Person of Indian Origin to lead a European country.

'Portugal will need a second bailout before 2018'

portuguese euroA large multidisciplinary group from several countries makes annual predictions for 3 or 4 years ahead, almost always with a high success rate.

Let’s have a go up to January 2018 but unlike previous year-end summaries, this year’s has a high level of uncertainty.

'Democracy- where?' by Jack Soifer

4794The assumption of the American / French democratic model, one vote per adult, assumes that adults are rational in their choices, that politicians are honest and will do what they promise.

THE REAL WORLD IS NOT LIKE THIS. The controlling agencies should use consensual criteria among citizens. But their bosses, chosen by the establishment and given very high wages and advantages, are influenced by the lobbies.

'Full moon madness across the world' by Len Port

supermoonJeffViewed from this relatively calm corner of the European continent, it seems as though the world is collapsing in an unprecedented period of political turmoil.

On Donald Trump’s election victory, top Portuguese model Sara Sampaio expressed the shock of many when she tweeted: “Brexit and now this! Wow the world has gone bananas.”

Okay, what’s going on is not funny but many people find it hard to get their heads around this combination of confusion and chaos.

'Giving Voice to the People' campaign launched as the Government is not listening

portugalASMAA (Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association) has announced the launch of its new campaign “Dar Voz ao Povo – Giving Voice to the People”.

With this campaign ASMAA aims to create a platform where the people can voice their human rights infringement concerns.

The campaign starts by focusing on the primary concern areas arising from offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration including the use of hydraulic fracturing and other non-conventional technologies will have on their lives, the environment and local economy.