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Brits, Brexit and the transition period

Brits, Brexit and the transition periodRecently there was a meeting at the British Embassy in Lisbon between representatives of British communities here in Portugal and representatives from SEF, IMT, Dept for International Trade, Higher Education and the health service. The aim was to inform us all about the transition period and how it relates to us. Below is a summary of the main points.

Gale`s Westminster View – February 2020

Gale`s Westminster View – February 2020February. A Leap Year. As if we needed and extra day of floods, fire, pestilence and death. Coronavirus, or to be more exact Covid 19, is spreading if not at the rate of an Australian bushfire then certainly with disturbing rapidity. The press does its best to spread alarm and any sense of proportion has gone out of the window but the doom-mongers may yet have their day.

Gale`s Westminster View - January 2020

Gale`s Westminster View - January 2020January. “Ten years to save the planet”. Megxit, Brexit , the trials of Harvey Weinstein and the tribulations of The Tramp. Anne Sacoolas remains a fugitive from British justice, “ justice “in Cyprus finds a young rape victim guilty of wasting police time, cross-channel migration attempts reach nearly two thousand for the past year and forty three people try the night journey in rubber dinghies on New Year`s Eve.

Gale`s Westminster View - End of year 2019

Gale`s Westminster View - End of year 2019December. The end of a `bumpy road` or the entrance to a cul-de-sac? Hope for the former but don`t rule out the latter!  A General Election leading to an unexpected landslide victory for the Conservative Party as the `Red Wall` across Britain crumbles.
Celebrations and a conference to mark the 70th anniversary of NATO end, in keeping with the spirit of 2019, on a bum note.

Gale`s Westminster View - November 2019

Gale`s Westminster View - November 2019Apologies for both the brevity (which some may welcome) and the tardiness of these scribblings: we appear to be mildly pre-occupied with other matters.

November. Speaker Bercow finally vacates the chair of the House of Commons and Mr. Speaker Hoyle is elected to preside over the closing days of a parliament that Her Maj opened in Stately fashion only a few days earlier. The dissolution sees the departure from Westminster of political beasts of all sexes, shapes and sizes . Exiting Stage Right are those including Kenneth Clarke, The Father of the House who has served for 49 years and held some of the highest Offices of State.

New Government: Algarve?

New Governnment: Algarve?God gave us two ears and one mouth for us to listen twice much as we talk. Politicians seem to have half an ear and four mouths. Before elections, all candidates and parties travel around and seem to be listening, as long as the TV cameras are there.

Michael Gove's response... the rights of British nationals living in the EU

Response from Michael GoveSir Roger Gale recently wrote to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson regarding the rights of British nationals living in the EU. Here is the November 5th response, from Michael Gove. CLICK HERE.

You can see previous communications HERE.

Gale's Westminster View – October 2019

Gale's Westminster View – October 2019October. Finishing Post Hallowe`en day. “I got a horse to beat the field”. The filly` Johnson`s Deal`, out of `May`s Withdrawal` and `Barnier`s Last Offer`,  takes the first fence with a comfortable lead in spite of a vigorous use of Red Jerry`s whip but then falls at the `Die in the ditch` Unionist  water jump over the Irish Sea.