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Robbed by Brussels - €6,600-a-year

euromillions2There is no fair taxation. The more profit they have, the less tax is paid by giga corporations. Almost all have cartels and dominate the market in the EU and Portugal; they pay only 2%-5% through tax havens.

In 2012, the European Parliament presented proposals to reduce this tax evasion. Brussels did nothing. Lux Leaks detailed the evasion in 2014. To compensate for this fraud, governments tax us more.

Brexit: a loo paper crisis, and other issues of course

TheresaMayTheresa May announces she is prepared to make way for a new leader, on one condition…

When I woke this morning, I pinched myself. Had I been dreaming, or was it really true that she was going at last? I`m referring of course to the British Prime Minister´s long overdue decision to step aside and make way for a new leader.

Britain is leaving, English is staying

brexitLenOne thing for sure amid the mass of political, economic and social unknowns as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union is that its language is staying.

This is ironic, as the current chaos in Britain could have been avoided had the whole question of Brexit been explained and debated before and since the 2016 referendum – in plain, honest English.

Portugal welcomes Brits - with or without a Brexit deal

portugalPortugal’s government on Friday laid out proposals to protect rights of British citizens living in the country if there’s a no-deal Brexit but made clear it expects similar treatment for the around 300,000 Portuguese living in Britain, write Paul Ames, in Politico.

“We are deciding these things unilaterally and we expect the United Kingdom to respond in the same way,” said Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva, announcing contingency plans to be applied if Britain crashes out of the European Union without a deal.

PM: Sack the Minister Now! #4. Education

studentsgraduationMost economists say that in 2019 the EU and particularly Portugal will have a drop in GNP, mainly because the US will import less but also because the EU will have to carry out improved checks on laundered money used to purchase real estate, espcecially in Portugal.

Also, more speculative investment funds will quit the EU for the more profitable markets in New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Bolivia.

PM: Sack your Minister now! #3

trainVoters are not as silly as some advertising agencies think. One minister consistently makes a mess and tries to deceive us – this will hurt Socialist Party in the elections, writes Jack Soifer

The results of the elections in Brazil, Sweden and Andalucía confirm what I have written for years - citizens deceived by their parties end up voting for extremists. They do not choose a political party, but vote for change, sometimes radical change.

IMF's report on Portugal - seventh monitoring mission

imfThe Portuguese authorities announced on November 29, 2018 their intention to pay off their remaining debt to the IMF this year.

Portugal’s early repayments, started since 2015, have already markedly reduced its outstanding debt to the Fund. Early repayments to the IMF reflect Portugal’s favorable market access conditions and send a positive signal to investors and markets.

'Sack your Minister now!' - #2

cttvanThe voter is not as silly as some advertising agencies think. Remember, 52% chose the NABO in the recent election: N-ot valid, A-bstention, B-ranco (nothing), O-ther (less than 1%).In 2019 he will elect extremists.

Abuses by telecoms companies are endless. When there are problems, the regulator, ANACOM, repeats the standard phrase. "It is an individual matter, you can complain in court."