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Smoking for Your Health's Sake

SMOKING FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKEElectronic cigarettes, a.k.a. Vapes, because the user inhales vapour, are available in many flavours.  They sound to me like a modern version of Craven 'A' cigarettes, whose advertising slogan was "Smoke Craven 'A' For Your Throat's Sake."

A letter from the Alentejo

A LETTER FROM THE ALENTEJOHad Booster and flu jab today.  Isn’t it wonderful how they don’t hurt nowadays? Or do we get more leathery as we get older? I remember a jab in Nigeria in ‘78, bloody thing as long as yr arm and half as wide …  

Gold Car Faro... a bad experience and I'm not the only one!

GOLD CAR FARO... A BAD EXPERIENCE AND I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!I apologise for contacting you like this, but I have a big concern with Gold Car Rental in Faro Airport and it seems like many others are affected (you can check the Google Maps reviews, which we failed to do so before renting the car).

Barlavento hospital... my experience

BARLAVENTO HOSPITAL... MY EXPERIENCEThe 11th of November 2021 I had a bike accident at the roundabout to Praia da Rocha Marina. After being dragged in to the side by my husband, 2 cars stopped and stayed with me, covered me with their jackets, until the ambulance came half an hour later. Thank you very much.

Public transport in Portugal - try it!

PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN PORTUGAL - TRY IT!We live in Olhão and made the decision not to own a car, to not only save the environment but also be more physically active, and choose to use public transport instead.

Clean Energy for Spaceships!

CLEAN ENERGY FOR SPACESHIPS!I find myself scouring the skies lately with my powerful contact lenses.  I've begun behaving like an escaped jailbird with the law in pursuit.  Fleeing prisoners panic upwards.

Walk On By

WALK ON BYGood health is all about illness.  We want to enjoy one and keep a wary eye on the other.  Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?  Does it? Where have you been living lately, in some sort of bubble? 

Taxation authorities - the strong arm of Segurança Social

TAXATION AUTHORITIES - THE STRONG ARM OF SEGURANÇA SOCIALAm I the latest, or even the last person to discover the strong arm of Segurança Social? I started letting a private property on the Algarve in 2016. Registered with IVA, income tax, SEF and AL. There is no Segurança Social payable on either letting income or by individuals in receipt of state pensions.