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A Short History of the World

A SHORT HISTORY OF THE WORLDCompiling a history of the world would take forever, and I have only a few minutes of your time, so it will help me if you read quickly, thanks.

Life Beyond the Pandemic

LIFE BEYOND THE PANDEMICBy the time the future arrives, it is disguised as the present, and almost immediately slips away into the past. The past is lost forever, and the future never arrives, what sort of bizarre arrangement is that?

Do Astronomers Stare at the Moon?

DO ASTRONOMERS STARE AT THE MOON?Some of us can develop vaccines, others can unscramble anagrams.  I can't develop vaccines. 
When my beloved schoolteacher Mrs McInnes explained that an anagram was formed by jumbling up the letters of another word, I was off and running, frankly.  My mind was a permanent jumble in those days.

How best to cope with bad news

OW BEST TO COPE WITH BAD NEWS“No news is good news,” as the old saying goes. Sadly, the opposite is true nowadays. Almost all the headline news is bad news, very bad news.

Facts about Sephardic nationality

FACTS ABOUT SEPHARDIC NATIONALITYThe Ukraine-war started a discussion about the Portuguese passport to Abramovitch, often based on suppositions rather than facts. He has been an active member of the Jewish Russian Community; otherwise he wouldn’t be a member of the board.

Bargain Prices - Reduced For Sale!

BARGAIN PRICES - REDUCED FOR SALE!For economy of language, it would be hard to beat a market trader in Beirut trying to sell me a briefcase with the words, "It's an open-and-shut case, Effendi."  Without further ado, he demonstrated that it was indeed capable of performing both functions.  Perhaps he felt that mentioning the fake gold hinges and faux-leather handle might detract from the allure of its company logo - Gucci spelled with one 'c'.

Religious battle in Ukraine war

RELIGIOUS BATTLE IN UKRAINE WARWith the approach of Easter, the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a Christian battle is raging within the war in Ukraine.

Lack of medical staff - so why not let me work?

LACK OF MEDICAL STAFF - SO WHY NOT LET ME WORK?I am an Emergency Medicine Doctor, UK qualified with over 11 years experience. I fell in love with the beautiful sunny Algarve many years ago.  To my surprise, I bought property here, and I am now even married to a Portuguese citizen!