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ec.debtclock.eu please Mr. Commissioner

Debt clockThe last couple of years have been coloured by regular comments and articles on all news channels and newspapers about the economic problems facing the world.  What this commentary has boiled down to is principally the need to reduce particular countries annual deficits and thereby reduce the ever increasing overall amount of debt countries have been and are accumulating.

Gale`s Westminster View August 2013

Roger Gale MPAugust. The "silly season", and just when you thought that it could not get much sillier, it did. A fracking awful month for shale gas exploration and a summer of discontent for Milipede the Younger. 

Gibraltar rocks and the UK sends a very large gunboat. Bongo drums beat for Nigel Farridge. Charity begins at home - at least for the Chief Executives of some of them. Attempts are made to derail HS2, it`s game, sett and match for poor old Brock and as Paul Revere once famously did not say "The British are not coming".

“It takes all sorts”

Gay PrideIt's taken me three weeks to completely adjust to the "Ohreallies," the "Oversized", and of course the "Awesomes" that inhabit this brilliantly unique segment of the planet. Then last week the basic building blocks of Californian society, flower power and freedom of expression, were put on full display.

On Wednesday afternoon the US Supreme Court, before recessing for the summer vacation, handed down two judgements of critical importance to the citizens of San Fran.