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What Happened to the Cat's Pyjamas?

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CAT'S PYJAMAS?If you watch fish through a layer of water - I was running out of ways to amuse myself during lockdown - you will see them remaining absolutely still for a long time, for no particular reason, judging by their glassy eyes. And then, with a slight twitch of their fins, they dart away so that they can do nothing again, somewhere else.  

Don't Shoot the Messenger

DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGERIn recent times, we might be forgiven for thinking we were living in a Russian play.  When Irina, the youngest of Chekhov's Three Sisters, says, "How are we supposed to go on like this?" most of us would probably just shrug fatalistically and look glumly at the other two sisters.

Is Your Brain Telling You Lies?

IS YOUR BRAIN TELLING YOU LIES?It pains me to say this, but your brain is a liar.  Not that you'll believe me once I tell it so.

Motorway Fraud

MOTORWAY FRAUDThe Algarve's motorway, A22, was partially built with EU-money; so accordingly should always be free for use by all. This road is key for tourism, as thousands of cars enter Portugal that way.

Romance for Sale

ROMANCE FOR SALESearching online for something to read during lockdown, I noticed that Romance was on sale, for as little as £1 in some cases.  If only it was always that easy.

It's Never Too Late to Go Shopping

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO GO SHOPPINGYou would think being dead might severely limit a person's shopping habits.  As well as most of their other vital functions.  But no. Or not necessarily.

Don't Be Afraid of Male Wasps

Don't Be Afraid of Male WaspsA Vespa is a luxury motor scooter made in Italy and was considered to be the bee's knees in the 1950s and beyond.  Which reminds me is that 'vespa' is the Italian word for wasp.

You Can't Beat a Healthy Heart

YOU CAN'T BEAT A HEALTHY HEARTPlaying cards with my GP can be confusing at times.  When he suddenly says, "You've only got one heart," I'm not sure whether he is startled by my bid of 4 no trump, or advising me to take it easy with the wine. Or perhaps both at the same time.