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Secure a Tea!

Secure a TeaPlease, please, can anyone tell me why, why it is so
That on ALL card receipts YOUR name they must show?
They even contain 50% of your card’s number for sure
Making it easier for “uno-whos”to make a “crooked-score”

Man can’t live by SKY alone

Man can’t live by SKY aloneYou must have noticed just how many computer nerds have recently emerged in the Algarve. I find it remarkable just how quickly these old dodderers have taken up their new roles. I suppose with them having such a strong affinity for their new ‘love’ their enthusiasm is understandable.

Why the UK channels had to go...

Uk tv channelsObviously we have lost all our BBC and ITV related channels like everyone else. Below is a bit of background to why they have had to go (most of which you will probably know) - three non-technical reasons.

The unavoidable technical reason is the replacement of the dying Astra satellite.

Set alight a satellite!

UK TV channels goneThe long-time promised severance of radio and TV transmissions from UK’s National Broadcaster (BBC) has been followed by a similar withdrawal of transmissions by ALL their competitive commercial TV stations.

No doubt the latter will not advise their sponsors that they can reduce their respective monetary contributions, as some 3 to 4 million (Western EU from Sweden down to Gibraltar) viewers or maybe purchasers are no more! Such folk being not solely British-born spend some or all of their lives on the European Continent.

A Lotta Gaivota... too many!

A Lotta GaivotaDo you not agree that the sea gull situation is quite serious? I do not believe a day does not go by without my clearing up “bombings” either on our apartment balconies and/or windows. This year for the first time since 2007 we have a nest, and related “Youngster Droppings” on the terrace, plus very aggressive attacks from either Mum or Dad gull. Very intimidating!

A short poem...

Far away a voice is calling...

Newport Gwent Dragons Having battened down the hatches and over indulged on sumptuous food during Christmas I was definitely in need of exercise and fresh air. Luckily the wind and rain disappeared and Boxing Day arrived in glorious sunshine.  By eleven o’clock I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoying the majestic vistas offered from the top of the Pentyr.
I’d climbed easily enough up the hillside to the summit and was soon standing in a thin layer of snow looking west down the valley to the mirror splendour of Llangors Lake, and upwards to the snow line stretching across towards Brecon.

I love to ride my bicycle

Cycling in AmsterdamKatie Melua told the world that there were 9 million bicycles in Beijing. Interesting enough information, I suppose, but not really earth shattering particularly when compared to Amsterdam,  a city with a population of one twentieth of the Chinese capital, and yet still managing to accommodate 900,000 bikes.
Amsterdammers love their hometown and love their bikes.  This is very obvious to all visitors. This Dutch love affair does however take some getting used to.    In order to preserve life and limb, visitors have rapidly to adjust to the finer points of mass transportation in and around the city centre.

How many Japanese does it take to change a lightbulb?

How many Japanese men does it take to change a lighjtbulb?I’m off cars. I mean really off cars! After 12 trips to Faro Airport over the summer, with the associated trials and tribulations of the driving on the N125, I had reached the end of my tether.  I had seen enough of the “white shirted Roundabout Rozers” to last a lifetime. How they can justify bringing Lagoa to a thirty minute crawl every day is beyond me. Then, on my last homeward journey, I holed out just before the Almancil bypass.