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Cost-Effective Marketing Tactics to Try

COST-EFFECTIVE MARKETING TACTICS TO TRYEvery business owner knows that marketing is important. However, if you are a small company or just starting out then you might not have much of a budget to dedicate to the task. Therefore, you will be pleased to hear that there are lots of marketing techniques you can try which do not have to cost the earth and will give you plenty of return on your investment. Here are some of our favourites.

A Guide to Business Funding

A GUIDE TO BUSINESS FUNDINGWhen you’re looking to launch or expand your small business, there are several funding options available to you. In fact, there are probably more ways to fund your business than ever before. To help you understand your options, we’re highlighted six effective ways you can fund your business in 2021.

SEO 101: What is crawlability or why my website does not appear on Google

SEO 101: WHAT IS CRAWLABILITY OR WHY MY WEBSITE DOES NOT APPEAR ON GOOGLESo, your website doesn’t appear on Google? Even if you search for your brand name, there are no results? Or, maybe, the problem is that your newly made page – that you spent long hours preparing – is nowhere to be found… Feeling desperate, right? OK, even though this is rather scary, take a deep breath and don’t panic. The problem can most likely be solved with a quick fix. However, in order to succeed, you need to understand what crawlability is.

Does size matter... when it comes to content?!

DOES SIZE MATTER... WHEN IT COMES TO CONTENT?!If you have a business and want it to grow, you know by now that you need to have an online strategy to help you do it. And, of course, you also know that a proper digital marketing strategy must have its fair share of SEO. Would it surprise you if we told you that content is the foundation of any good SEO strategy?

How to choose a niche on Instagram

HOW TO CHOOSE A NICHE ON INSTAGRAMHave you recently started using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business but aren’t too sure how to go about targeting the right people? Have you chosen a niche for your content to be focused around but don’t know if it’s the right one?

Google Ads budgeting – how often should I re-evaluate and change my daily budget? Is the current one enough?

GOOGLE ADS BUDGETING – HOW OFTEN SHOULD I RE-EVALUATE AND CHANGE MY DAILY BUDGET? IS THE CURRENT ONE ENOUGH?Google Ads budget is a very important and sometimes intimidating topic. These ads have ‘a reputation’ of being expensive, which is not necessarily accurate for all the advertisers.

Which social media platform has the most users?

WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM HAS THE MOST USERS?Are you looking to make use of social media as a part of your marketing plan for your business but want to make sure you are marketing to the most amount of people popular? Have you thought about marketing to the platform that has the most amount of users but aren’t sure which platform this is?

Storytelling – a child’s play?!

STORYTELLING – A CHILD’S PLAY?!Do you still remember how you felt when you were just a kid and someone told you a story? That was storytelling in all its essence: it was a magical moment, and most of the times it transported us to somewhere new, exciting and fantastic, taught us something and allowed us to unleash our imagination.
Well, we want to let you in on a little secret: adults feel the same way when someone tells them a good story!