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6 Steps to Ensure Your Business Trip Runs Smoothly

6 STEPS TO ENSURE YOUR BUSINESS TRIP RUNS SMOOTHLYBusiness trips can arrive with a mix of stress and excitement. After planning and organizing for hours, it can be discouraging when an issue arises. In order to ensure that your business trip runs as smoothly as possible, you need to keep a few things in mind.

In 2021 I want to advertise online: but Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

IN 2021 I WANT TO ADVERTISE ONLINE: BUT FACEBOOK ADS OR GOOGLE ADS?2020 was the irrefutable proof that when people are not out ‘on the street’, they are browsing the internet between tasks; or they are at home (which happened a lot in the past year!) searching the web with more availability and more cunningly. If you have a business with a website ready (and prepared) to sell, you really have to be doing online advertising, because leads don’t grow on trees, but rather online!

How to Run an Eco-Friendly Business

HOW TO RUN AN ECO-FRIENDLY BUSINESSDo you want your business to play an active role in the fight against climate change? Do you also just so happen to have an entrepreneurial streak coursing through your veins? If so, you should seriously consider starting your own eco-friendly business. This will provide you with the perfect platform from which to initiate a real green change in your local area.

How to Gain Nationwide Awareness of Your Business

HOW TO GAIN NATIONWIDE AWARENESS OF YOUR BUSINESSFor many people, starting a business can be a stressful and overwhelming undertaking. Well, this is especially true for those who want to not just start a business, but start a business that will succeed! More often than not, however, this is only the start of a bigger and more involving responsibility. The real challenges come in keeping the business running, enough to see it grow and expand over time.  

New Year's resolutions? Bring it on!

New Year's resolutions? Bring it on!2020 is coming to an end (and what a year it was ...) and at this time most people (and companies, big or small) take stock of their lives (or businesses), to understand what went well, what went well wrong (or not so well) and what can be improved. The problem is that taking stock in years like this one (I’m still on the first paragraph and I’ve already used this expression twice, such is the ‘nature of this beast’…!) is not an easy task and can intimidate even the ‘big ones’.

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Filing for Bankruptcy

COMMON MISTAKES YOU NEED TO AVOID WHEN FILING FOR BANKRUPTCYPeople file for bankruptcy as a last measure to reduce the stress of debt and creditor’s pressure. It’s never an easy choice because it does have its fair share of repercussions. It’s not that uncommon for someone in such a situation to make mistakes while they are filing for bankruptcy.

Small business owners, we want to buy safely and conveniently at local stores this Christmas, is that OK?

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, WE WANT TO BUY SAFELY AND CONVENIENTLY AT LOCAL STORES THIS CHRISTMAS, IS THAT OK?COVID-19 taught us to stop, and to value what really matters, if only for a moment. And suddenly, the ‘world does not stop’ paraphrenia took on another meaning. Yes, the world has not stopped, but we have learned that we can stop – stop our world and that of the people around us. And of course, this stop leads us to reflect on what is really important for each one of us and for our businesses, making us rethink the essence of things. Stopping, recalculating and adjusting are necessary to evolution.

4 Career Options for Those with a Master’s Degree in Education

4 CAREER OPTIONS FOR THOSE WITH A MASTER’S DEGREE IN EDUCATIONWorking in education is one of the most important and fulfilling jobs around. Being able to work with students and help them better themselves and progress in their learning capabilities is always going to be an important role in society. Moreover, there are multiple opportunities for educators who wish to take the experience that they gain from the classroom and apply it to different areas of the education system.