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If it’s going to be like that… please… don't answer!

IF IT’S GOING TO BE LIKE THAT… PLEASE… DON'T ANSWER!Why you can't lose your temper with negative reviews, particularly on Google My Business. 

Reviews are vital to attract new customers. Around 90% of people look for what other users have shared in terms of their experiences, mainly the negative ones. Why? Because we are all human and, one way or the other, we like to prepare for “the worst case scenario” and, preferably, not have to deal with it at all.

Google Ads Budget – how to figure it out right

GOOGLE ADS BUDGET – HOW TO FIGURE IT OUT RIGHTSometimes we see business owners that are postponing adding Google Ads to their strategy and the main reason for that is usually “we’ve heard Google Ads is very expensive”. At the same time, Google reassures that advertisers are in charge of the budget and can never “overspend”. So, where is the truth?

Copywriting made simple or how to prevent headaches when writing content for your website!

COPYWRITING MADE SIMPLE OR HOW TO PREVENT HEADACHES WHEN WRITING CONTENT FOR YOUR WEBSITE!I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Content is King”, right? Bill Gates first said it in 1996 but today it is more accurate and up to date than ever. Google will help your site get more exposure if you write original content for it and has also made quite clear that websites with duplicate content will be penalised. And if that content is amazing, well written – scroll-stopper type! – then your users will also enjoy it and stay on your website longer or come back more often.

Warning! Google Ads will start charging extra fees in specific countries

WARNING! GOOGLE ADS WILL START CHARGING EXTRA FEES IN SPECIFIC COUNTRIESAs of the 1st November, Google Ads will start charging new extra fees, but don't worry as it will only happen for 3 new countries – the UK, Turkey and Austria.
This new fee will be applicable to all advertisers running ads in these countries, whether they are based and advertise there, or if they are based elsewhere but running ads in these countries through Google Ads. For example, if you have Google Ads campaigns targeting the UK, you will pay this fee. Let's take a closer look at how it works...

3 outdated SEO practices that you need to stop using now

3 OUTDATED SEO PRACTICES THAT YOU NEED TO STOP USING NOWYou have a company with some good years on the market, you are happy with your website, it has been online for quite some time, but it’s still relevant to your business. Somebody asks you about SEO optimisation and you say “we don’t need to worry about that because when we launched the website (insert the number of years here) years ago we paid very good money to the agency, which optimised it for Google. We’re good, it’s covered”.

Thank you and please, my grandmother used to say.

THANK YOU AND PLEASE, MY GRANDMOTHER USED TO SAY.Greeting, thanking, asking please, recommending and commenting (sometimes a bit too much, almost crossing the line to gossip!) was something that was part of our parents’ and grandparents' day-to-day lives (and ours, even though we were only children or teenagers at the time). We lived in so-called simpler times, where personal interactions were exactly that: personal.

I already have a website... Why are these marketing people trying to sell me a landing page?

I ALREADY HAVE A WEBSITE... WHY ARE THESE MARKETING PEOPLE TRYING TO SELL ME A LANDING PAGE?This can actually be really annoying – you have invested quite a considerable amount of money and working hours into your business’ website, only to be advised to create a separate landing page for your online advertising campaign by some digital marketing professionals you’ve now hired.

Digital marketing, silly season and COVID-19!

DIGITAL MARKETING, SILLY SEASON AND COVID-19!So it’s that time of the year again and the silly season is upon us once more. Or was that cancelled by COVID-19 too?  Traditionally during July and August, children are off from school, enjoying their well-deserved summer holidays (and driving most parents crazy in the process!) and most people tend to disappear and go on their summer break somewhere. Most parliaments are in recess (though maybe not in full this year) and the media world, despite its 24/7 approach, also slows down, as there’s virtually no relevant news (except maybe for the pandemic-related ones?!) and no one to feed them to. But is that what we’ll have this year?