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How to Make Yourself a Hot Commodity to International Headhunters

HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF A HOT COMMODITY TO INTERNATIONAL HEADHUNTERSWhen you don't want to compete in the rat race any longer, it is only natural for all of the work opportunities to start coming to you. Welcome to the world of headhunters, where major companies looking to fill high-level positions actually train professionals to seek out the best talent.

How to Take Your Nursing Career Farther

HOW TO TAKE YOUR NURSING CAREER FARTHERWhen you decide to dedicate your life to a career in nursing, you will likely know that you are in for a series of challenging, yet incredibly rewarding experiences.

Do you know what Remarketing is and why it works?

DO YOU KNOW WHAT REMARKETING IS AND WHY IT WORKS?All businesses are thrilled with the idea of being able to bring back to their website that potential customer who has met them before but left before making a conversion (like, for instance, requesting a quote, making a call, or completing the purchase process). But who wouldn't? And this is where Remarketing comes in.

Heads up – Google Ads new update may cause your account to overspend on irrelevant traffic

HEADS UP – GOOGLE ADS NEW UPDATE MAY CAUSE YOUR ACCOUNT TO OVERSPEND ON IRRELEVANT TRAFFICGoogle Ads is constantly changing and improving its algorithm. This is a good thing because you want a system that manages quite a big chunk of your advertising money to be as ‘smart’ and as efficient as possible. But are all those changes in your best interest as advertiser?

All You Need to Know About Opening a Tattoo Shop

18532If you are passionate about the tattoo art form and you have been thinking about starting your own business venture, then you might be considering opening your tattoo shop.

Digital Marketing news by Clarity – Google Ads and Facebook Ads

DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS BY CLARITY – GOOGLE ADS AND FACEBOOK ADSDigital marketing is a very quickly-changing sphere, which sometimes makes it a tad difficult to stay “up-to-date” with all the news. Don’t despair, we are here for you to give you a quick overview of the most recent changes and bring some Clarity to what those changes mean for your business.

Are my Google Ads’ campaigns successful? Do I need to improve anything and, if so, what?!

ARE MY GOOGLE ADS’ CAMPAIGNS SUCCESSFUL? DO I NEED TO IMPROVE ANYTHING AND, IF SO, WHAT?!These are questions that all DIY first-time advertisers eventually start asking themselves. If you are running your Google Ads campaigns for some time now, you might be constantly trying to improve something and to optimise your ads, so that they are always better. But is there any real difference in the results? Or maybe, are you trying to solve a problem by implementing the wrong solution?

If it’s going to be like that… please… don't answer!

IF IT’S GOING TO BE LIKE THAT… PLEASE… DON'T ANSWER!Why you can't lose your temper with negative reviews, particularly on Google My Business. 

Reviews are vital to attract new customers. Around 90% of people look for what other users have shared in terms of their experiences, mainly the negative ones. Why? Because we are all human and, one way or the other, we like to prepare for “the worst case scenario” and, preferably, not have to deal with it at all.