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Currency Market Update - 21st June 2023

Currency Market Update UK Core Inflation figures were forecasted to remain unchanged at 6.8% but came out 0.3% higher. MoM inflation also released 0.3% higher to previous levels.

Currency Market Update - 20th June 2023

Currency Market Update Sterling exchange rates had a brilliant end to the week with GBPUSD closing at 1.2817 and GBPEUR closing at 1.1716- both very interesting levels for Sterling sellers globally.

Currency Market Update - 9th June 2023

Currency Market Update Yesterday main data topics were growth figures for Europe and jobless numbers from the US.
Europe have now recorded two consecutive quarters of economic slowdown, Q4 in 2022 and Q1 for 2023.

Currency Market Update - 8th June 2023

Currency Market Update The US Dollar has remained near it’s recent two-month high with next week’s Federal Reserve interest rate decision looming. The Central Bank is widely expected to pause its year-long interest rate hiking cycle, but expectations are increasing on the possibility that this pause will be temporary, with a potential rate hike in July still on the cards.

Currency Market Update - 7th June 2023

Currency Market Update After a great run of outperformance since February, UK economic data has generally underwhelmed since mid-May, according to analysts.

Currency Market Update - 5th June 2023

Currency Market Update The dollar edged up against major peers today, as markets priced in around a 1-in-4 chance of the U.S. Federal Reserve raising benchmark rates this month after robust jobs data on Friday.

Currency Market Update - 2nd June 2023

Currency Market Update The dollar headed for its largest weekly fall since mid-January as the view took hold among investors that the Federal Reserve will forgo an interest rate hike this month, which would diminish the greenback's appeal to non-U.S. buyers.

Currency Market Update - 1st June 2023

Currency Market Update GBP/EUR is still staying healthy above 1.16, the highest it’s been since December 2022. This is mainly due to German states inflation cooling more than expected over the past month.