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Currency Market Update - 2nd June 2023

Currency Market Update The dollar headed for its largest weekly fall since mid-January as the view took hold among investors that the Federal Reserve will forgo an interest rate hike this month, which would diminish the greenback's appeal to non-U.S. buyers.

Currency Market Update - 1st June 2023

Currency Market Update GBP/EUR is still staying healthy above 1.16, the highest it’s been since December 2022. This is mainly due to German states inflation cooling more than expected over the past month.

Currency Market Update - 30th May 2023

Currency Market Update The last week was pretty volatile for markets- with traders now pricing in more BoE hikes this year (Expected to reach 5.5%) following inflation data showing no sign of cooling yet.

Currency Market Update - 26th May 2023

Currency Market Update UK Retail Sales for April have surprisingly increased more than expected, with the non-food sector in particular showing growth of more than 1%. When comparing to March these figures are of course promising, but sales usually drop in March due to wetter weather.

US Companies Grapple with Bankruptcy Amidst Soaring Interest Rates

US COMPANIES GRAPPLE WITH BANKRUPTCY AMIDST SOARING INTEREST RATESAt the edge of the abyss, the United States teeters on the precipice of financial ruin. Escalating interest rates, uncertain federal policies, and a fragile economy converge to pose a grave threat to its financial stability. The situation has seen seven American companies file for bankruptcy in less than 48 hours.

Currency Market Update - 25th May 2023

Currency Market Update Federal Reserve members were divided yesterday at the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) minutes. The split of members thought ahead of their next interest rate decision in June.

Currency Market Update - 18th May 2023

Currency Market Update The US Dollar has strengthened further overnight after a continued standoff in negotiations surrounding the debt ceiling in The States. The current debt limit is $31.4 Trillion and concerns have been raised that a recession could be looming large in The US if no agreement can be reached.

Currency Market Update - 17th May 2023

Currency Market Update The pound slipped against a strengthening dollar on Wednesday and maintained its losses after Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey reiterated, he expected price pressures to ease, as soon as April.

Speaking at the British Chambers of Commerce Global Annual Conference, Bailey said that if price pressures were to be more persistent, further tightening of policy may be required, but added there were signs the labour market was loosening a little.