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A way to control COVID-19 (for now)

A WAY TO CONTROL COVID-19 (FOR NOW)Winter is coming. In the flu pandemic at the end of World War One, the average age of death was twenty-eight 1. In the UK, the average age of death from COVID19 is eighty-one for men, and eighty-four for women. Which is older than the average life expectancy in parts of the UK. These data are from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), as analysed and reported in the Daily Mail 2.

Zen Garden Yoga Studio and Holistic Hub

Yoga teachers Kaja, Noeline and ConyAnyone who wishes to find some refuge from the present turbulent times while at the same time nourish the body and mind, look no further. Zen Garden, a new Yoga Studio and Holistic Hub has just opened in Praia da Luz. It is the brainchild child of Noeline Oldham, a yoga teacher and therapist who has been able to realise a longstanding dream of opening a centre in just the right location.

Listen, there are no problems

Listen, there are no problemsWhere can we solve our problems? At school, at the hairdresser, in our families? Normally not. We have to retreat from the world and finally solve them.
In the beautiful Algarve new women retreats are arising, women circles, where the impossible becomes possible. A life without problems.

Tales Of Anxiety - Part 2

TALES OF ANXIETY - PART 2If somebody told you nine positive attributes about your behaviour and personality and one negative attribute, which one potentially would keep you awake and stir your thinking at 4 a.m.? My guess is – it is not one of the nine positive ones.

Tales Of Anxiety - Part 1

Tales of anxiety - Part 1Our anxiety and the world today. As the world is experiencing a pandemic, the topic of #anxiety is certainly at the forefront of many minds. Most of us are currently experiencing it on one level or another. So how can you best keep it in check?

British Embassy Lisbon: Q&A's regarding access to healthcare during COVID19 restrictions

British Embassy Lisbon: Q&A's regarding access to healthcare during COVID19 restrictionsIn order to better advise UK nationals in Portugal on how to access healthcare during this period of restrictions to movement due to COVID19, the British Embassy Lisbon have prepared two simple Q&As, one for residents and one for visitors to Portugal.

Strategic Ways to Improve Quality and Patient Care

Strategic Ways to Improve Quality and Patient Care If you are a healthcare professional or on your way to becoming one, then you are probably curious about the strategic ways by which the patient care quality can be improved. Given the current circumstances, this might prove to be an extra challenging prospect, and it is undoubtedly on the mind of every professional in the field. While the challenges are indeed overwhelming, there are a few basic strategies that streamline the healthcare process to better help medical professionals as well as patients and potential clients. The following are a few key tenets that might be of assistance.

Virtual Nature Walk - discover the beauty of Ria Formosa Natural Park from home

irtual Nature Walk - discover the beauty of Ria Formosa Natural Park from homeHow about walking 1000 steps in just over 10 minutes while discovering beautiful parts of the world, but from the comfort of your own home?
Since many of us are 'staying home' and doing more home workouts, Algarvedailynews.com is proud to offer this gorgeous Virtual Nature Walk video through a partnership with Virtual Fitness TV. It can be viewed on a phone, tablet, PC or Smart TV while you use your treadmill, exercise bike, or just walk or jog on the spot!