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Coping With Dementia: Part 1 - Overview

COPING WITH DEMENTIA: PART 1 - OVERVIEWDementia, the most prevalent form of which is Alzheimer’s, is a condition affecting about 50 million people worldwide, with around 10 million new cases reported each year. This, the first in a three-part series, is based on information provided by the Associação Alzheimer’s Portugal, which is devoted to helping those with the illness and those close to them.

List of Covid-19 Test Clinics in the Algarve

LIST OF COVID-19 TEST CLINICS IN THE ALGARVEIf you require a COVID-19 test while in the Algarve, or before you leave to travel to another country, these centres can carry out testing for you and provide you with the necessary certification.

Pros and Cons Of Bowflex Home Gym

PROS AND CONS OF BOWFLEX HOME GYMA lot of people use a combination of different gym machines to build their strength and muscles. But what if we tell you that you can achieve almost all your fitness targets using a single machine? Bowflex home gym is an incredible piece of equipment that you can use for strength training and enhance your muscular strength from the comfort of your home.

6 Hair Treatment Solutions That Will Help You Have Thicker Hair Again

6 HAIR TREATMENT SOLUTIONS THAT WILL HELP YOU HAVE THICKER HAIR AGAINYou’re not alone if you are experiencing hair thinning. Hair loss and thinning are fairly common, especially as we age. Both genetic, as well as certain health conditions, have an effect on hair loss.

Calling 112 In An Emergency In Portugal

CALLING 112 IN AN EMERGENCY IN PORTUGALHow many of us here in the Algarve have had a minor emergency situation and think we know Portuguese, only to revert to English? What if you have a major emergency and have to call 112 (and not 999) and the operator doesn’t speak or understand English?

How to register for state provided healthcare in Portugal

HOW TO REGISTER FOR STATE PROVIDED HEALTHCARE IN PORTUGAL UnpublishedAs a resident in Portugal, you have the right to access state healthcare on the same basis as Portuguese citizens. It is especailly important at the moment to register with the Portuguese national healthcare system (SNS), to ensure you are contacted to receive your Covid-19 vaccination. How do you do it?

6 Useful Ways To Prevent Weight Gain When You Are Working From Home

6 USEFUL WAYS TO PREVENT WEIGHT GAIN WHEN YOU ARE WORKING FROM HOMEIn light of the ongoing pandemic, many of us are now working from home to control the spread of the coronavirus. This significant change in routine brings all sorts of challenges with it.

4 Important Wellness Tips That Every Man Must Know

4 IMPORTANT WELLNESS TIPS THAT EVERY MAN MUST KNOWMen of all ages should think about their health and well-being. The earlier you pay attention to your well-being, the better. As you grow older, the risks of health problems increase, which is why it is crucial to do something at an earlier point in your life. It is not advisable to see the doctor when you have pains and discomforts in your body.