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Festive Herbs for Winter Health

Festive Herbs for Winter HealthEvergreen trees and plants are our go-to winter tonics when other foliage is sparse on the ground. Festive herbs like mistletoe, pine, holly and ivy are all part of historic medicinal traditions that have been mostly forgotten – except, of course, by herbalists!

Kitchen herbs for viral infections

Kitchen herbs for viral infectionsThis month I’m going to take you through a few of my favourite anti-infectious herbs, starting with antivirals. But first, another cautionary note on antibiotics.

Kill the Portuguese!

doctorpaedoThey do not say, but they do it! Years ago, at a meeting in N.Y., someone from an investment fund explained this. In the monetarist school only those who are very productive, 20-45 years old, may get public support, writes Jack Soifer.

The top users at a Public Health Service, are elderly, then children. For speculative funds, the PHS should focus on emergencies. People must pay health insurance, often it’s tax deductible. Most of the insurers refuse to reimburse some of the expenses. Desperate patients pay, then they invest time, money and effort in a process that takes years. Many give up, the emotional cost is too great.

ALGARVE ASSIST - always by your side

ALGARVE ASSIST - always by your sideALGARVE ASSIST is your new health and medical assistance partner in the Algarve. 

We know how challenging it can be when you are either living or travelling in a different country and need to access to medical care. It's the language, the paper work, the lack of information or support, the variables that you cannot control etc. However, our vision is that no one should face such challenges alone. That is why we have created a medical and professional service, providing you with support and expertise when you need it.

Blue City to open first Holistic Boutique in Armação de Pêra

Blue City - Holistic BoutiqueBlue City - Holistic Boutique has announced that it will open its first Algarve space in Armação de Pêra, mid June this year. The Blue City - Holistic Boutique is the first of its kind, popular for its unique holistic approach to well-being.

The Blue City - Holistic Boutique will offer holistic massage therapies, energy therapies, wellness consultations, workshops, and more. The company plans to introduce its Body, Mind, and Spirit Philosophy this summer at their open house.

Say Goodbye To PMS ...Forever

Say Goodbye To PMS ...ForeverHaving battled with period trouble myself, I feel strongly about this topic. Women tend to grin and bear PMS, pain or heavy flow as if it’s the norm – yet it really doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ll say it again: just because PMS, heavy or painful periods are common, doesn’t mean they’re normal. All of it can be avoided by taking a few simple steps towards holistic hormonal health.

Love Your Liver In 2018

Love Your Liver In 2018One of the running jokes in clinic when I was training to be a herbalist was – ‘if you don’t know what to do with a patient, just give them liver herbs’.

Although it may seem flippant, we were only half-joking – and there is no better time to pay attention to the health of our livers than after a merry season of overindulgence!

Are there disorders that you can overcome through psychotherapy?

Are there disorders that you can overcome through psychotherapy?Find out what Psychotherapy can do for you. Institute of True Happiness features a team of specialised therapists who believe in a personalised approach to one’s problems and/or issues. Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to people, providing them with long-lasting results.
At Institute of True Happiness you can book online for phone therapy sessions that will enable you to deal with a plethora of issues/problems, like Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and many other disorders that can be treated through psychotherapy at an accessible price range.