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Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Feet

Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your FeetAcupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that uses thin needles that are inserted into the body’s pressure points. In this Chinese ancient technique, the feet were recognized as the most important part of the body due to how many pressure points they have. These pressure points were used to treat many health conditions that affected human health. Still, in our modern days, feet are considered to be the foundation of the body that don’t only carry our weight, but they are the first indicators that detect many problems, especially circulation issues or nerve disorders. 

Sun Day Best

Who doesn’t love a tan?Who doesn’t love a tan? But that gorgeous allover gold needs to be approached with care as doctors and skin specialists are fast to tell us. You can layer on highfactor protection creams, treat yourself to an instant-tan spray, or invest in a gizmo that tells you when it is time to take to the shade.

Instituto Piaget facilities in the Algarve welcome population at risk

Piaves Institute's Silves campusThe Jean Piaget School of Health of the Algarve, installed on the Piaves Institute's Silves campus, was transformed in record time into a welcoming area for people at risk in the current fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. With the academic activities suspended, that academic space was initially equipped with 50 beds, with the possibility of reinforcing more beds if necessary.

Can a scar be beautiful?

Can a scar be beautiful?Cheryl Gilmore, daughter of an American father and proud Portugeuse mother, moved here from Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Ron four years ago. her story is one that will inspire others.

When my husband and I retired and moved to the Algarve a few years ago, I made a silent vow that I’d have a simpler life and live free of my dependency on designer names, magic potions and anti-aging creams. I wasn’t going to let the media or society steal my joy of growing old gracefully! I was even going to push away from my television and opt for warm, breeze-filled days on the beach or hours planting in my garden. I was going to learn to like myself as I was, and I actually looked forward to it!

Latest News on Covid-19 Measures In Portugal

covid19Read about the new measures announced by the Prime Minister earlier this week, plus Q & A's to some frequently asked questions regarding the rules and regulations on travel during Easter and more.

5 triggers of male hair loss - is it only genetics?

5 triggers of male hair loss - is it only genetics?5 triggers of male hair loss - is it only genetics?It is with horror that some people one day realize that their hair is falling out. Is it because of some sort of illness, or perhaps a bad diet is a culprit? In a second, you’ll learn what the causes of male hair loss are. Let’s go!


Corona virus - getting help1. Symptoms - when to Stay at Home
2. When to call SNS 24 on 808 24 24 24
3. How to contact the Portuguese national health service
4. Preventive Steps

 GETTING HELP -  Updated information is now available from DGS, and can be read in English at the Safe Communities Portugal website HERE.


Movement Beyond Fifty Workshop

Joel Fernandes, Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer

Last month, Joel Fernandes, Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer, ran a workshop for eight APAA supporters.  Participants worked on mastering their breathing, the ability to move on the floor and the capability of getting up and lying down on the floor as a way of improving  their mobility, stability, coordination, endurance, and strength.