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6 Important Facts You Need To Know About Medical Malpractice Cases

6 IMPORTANT FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CASESMedical malpractice is a known fact that can incur irreparable damages to you and the people that surround you. Though we see our physicians and other medical authorities to be modern heroes of our time, we can’t deny the fact that they, too, are humans and are susceptible to mistakes.

An insight to 'THE SLEEP CYCLE'

AN INSIGHT TO 'THE SLEEP CYCLE'Did you know, that sleep is considered as a more active state of the body than many of us think? So, what is the Sleep Cycle?

How I handle diabetes feeling like a healthy person

HOW I HANDLE DIABETES FEELING LIKE A HEALTHY PERSONDiabetes is a silent disease, being one of the most serious diseases that patients in modern countries face today.

Qualities to Look For in a CBD Product

QUALITIES TO LOOK FOR IN A CBD PRODUCTCBD is becoming more and more popular and accepted as we come to learn about it in more detail. Cannabidiol products, popularly known as CBD products, are obtained from cannabis. This chemical, naturally found in marijuana plants, is a type of cannabinoid.

I lost 10 kilograms in one month. How?

18449I don't know about you, but I really like sweets. I used to eat pancakes with jam, cereal with milk and a coffee for breakfast, I had a chocolate croissant for lunch, lunch consisted of french fries, fried eggs and chicken and of course dessert, then at dinner I used to eat chips, puff pastry, wafers and maybe a sandwich.

A way to control COVID-19 (for now)

A WAY TO CONTROL COVID-19 (FOR NOW)Winter is coming. In the flu pandemic at the end of World War One, the average age of death was twenty-eight 1. In the UK, the average age of death from COVID19 is eighty-one for men, and eighty-four for women. Which is older than the average life expectancy in parts of the UK. These data are from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), as analysed and reported in the Daily Mail 2.

Zen Garden Yoga Studio and Holistic Hub

Yoga teachers Kaja, Noeline and ConyAnyone who wishes to find some refuge from the present turbulent times while at the same time nourish the body and mind, look no further. Zen Garden, a new Yoga Studio and Holistic Hub has just opened in Praia da Luz. It is the brainchild child of Noeline Oldham, a yoga teacher and therapist who has been able to realise a longstanding dream of opening a centre in just the right location.

Listen, there are no problems

Listen, there are no problemsWhere can we solve our problems? At school, at the hairdresser, in our families? Normally not. We have to retreat from the world and finally solve them.
In the beautiful Algarve new women retreats are arising, women circles, where the impossible becomes possible. A life without problems.