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HRT or No HRT – that is the Question…

HRTsignMany of us to look to the ‘old country’ for guidance on the latest developments in health and wellbeing. So, who has been watching the brouhaha that has erupted in the UK as Women of menopausal age are being lulled by medical professionals into a false sense of security which could be disastrous for their health?

Substantial media coverage of the announcement of new guidelines by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) is encouraging women to believe that Hormone Replacement Therapy is a perfectly healthy choice for those handling their menopausal years.

How effectively does Portugal spend its healthcare budget?

How effectively does Portugal spend its healthcare budget?Using data from data from The Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Healthcare Outcomes Index 2014’ the following information makes interesting reading, outlining how effectively countries around the world spend their healthcare budgets. The results for Portugal are 'satisfactory' - still better than much of Europe.

The Definitive Answer To 20 Of Your Biggest Health Questions

The Definitive Answer To 20 Of Your Biggest Health QuestionsI'm sure we've all wondered about at least one of the questions listed below, such as.....Do cough syrups work?  Is walking as effective as running? Can you drink too much water?

Well, here are the definitive answers!

Reflexology can help

Reflexology can helpConstant high stress levels are thought to be the root cause of more than 80% of illnesses today. Day to day stresses produce toxins in the body, thus your immune system is more likely to be compromised making it easier to succumb to sickness and disease.

Reflexology lowers stress levels leaving the body better able to cope with the demands of modern life.

SAD? Not in the Algarve

SAD? Not in the AlgarveExpats living in the Algarve are unlikely to suffer from SAD, but for around one in ten people in Northern Europe, it’s a serious and debilitating condition. Believed to be caused by lack of exposure to natural light, it can severely affect a sufferer’s quality of life.

Cycle in the Sun

Cycle in the SunThe Word is Out... The Algarve, surprisingly, has been one of the best kept 'cycling destination' secrets, but a secret we don't intend to keep....clients from all over the world are beginning to recognize the benefits of the climate and terrain in this beautiful Southern European region.

We had a record number of visitors this year, with our most popular holiday being the Coastal Route. But, as our portfolio grows and diversifies, we are seeing all sorts of clients from any manner of background coming to see what we have to offer.

Take control of your life: choose smiling!

Take control of your life: choose smiling!Dental implants are the permanent way for you to replace your missing teeth. Research and documentation show long-lasting results. Hundreds of thousands of people are now enjoying their new looks and their ability to laugh, speak and eat with confidence!

Palliative Care Matters - a recent conference in Carvoeiro

MadrgugadaAt the end of March the APCP (the Portuguese palliative care association) hosted a three-day national conference at Hotel Tivoli in Carvoeiro. Following my attendance with two Madrugada nurses I would like to share some of my own thoughts, and a small handful of the thank you messages we have received so far this year.