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Easy, effective pool heating - no bills and no mess

Easy, effective pool heating - no bills and no messFrom Spring to Autumn, enjoy swimming and well-being in a warm-water pool. Anyone who has a swimming pool would like to use it as often as possible. Swimming in cold water is no fun. But a heating pump that consumes oil, gas or electricity is extremely expensive - and damaging to the environment. That's where Gudenergy come in to solve these issues - screw it together, plug it in, done!

Factors to Consider when Buying a Generator for your Home

Factors to Consider when Buying a Generator for your HomeWith all the different choices available these days, deciding which generator to purchase can be a very tough choice. Between traditional open-frame generators, inverters, and home standby generators, how do you decide which one is right for you? Deciding whether you need a generator primarily for home, work, or play will be a good place to start. 

In this article, we will explore the main factors to consider when buying a generator for your home.

This is How a Minimalist Decorates the Bedroom

This is How a Minimalist Decorates the BedroomYou’ve probably heard the saying less is more. That is exactly what minimalism is about. In interior design, the minimalist style advocates for de-cluttered spaces, clean lines, geometric shapes, and toned-down colors. It is also characterized by the use of functional design objects and furniture. Often seen in Scandinavian or Japanese homes, minimalism is now growing in popularity all over the world.

Tips on Dealing With Common Household Problems

Tips on Dealing With Common Household ProblemsHousehold problems are as common as muck and whether you’re a landlord or a renter, you’re bound to be challenged by some of these issues at some point. As a homeowner, home maintenance is a crucial aspect that will work towards improving the condition of your house. With some issues, however, the more they are neglected, the worse the condition gets. It may sometimes feel like you have a lot on your plate especially when you have a busy schedule, but fixing up some of these problems will help you save a buck and while at it, gain some experience. 

6 Secrets To A Clean and Organised Kitchen

6 Secrets To A Clean and Organized KitchenAll the good things start in the kitchen. The kitchen powers the world to keep moving, but a lax in the kitchen often ends in disastrous results. Keeping the kitchen clean and organised is crucial to keep the good things from coming out of the kitchen. However, doing so is always a tough ask even for professionals. When it comes to cleaning, it has to go hand in hand with organising.

Professional Chimney Sweep, Eastern Algarve

Professional Chimney Sweep, Eastern AlgarveDavid Smart, Director of Smartsweep, was trained in the UK by the Institute of Chimney Sweeps. He now has over 7 years experience sweeping chimneys in Portugal. He offers a professional, reliable and punctual service throughout the Eastern Algarve for just €45.

Repatriation: What happens when someone dies in Portugal?

Repatriation: What happens when someone dies in Portugal?It’s probably the last thing you want to think about when you’re enjoying your new life in the Portuguese sun – but if you’re a British expat living in Portugal, it’s important to think about what would happen when you or someone close to you passes away.

Funerals in Portugal are very different from those in the UK. They often happen within 48 hours, and any delay can mean extra mortuary fees paid by the day. Plus there’s the unfamiliar customs and language barrier to deal with.

Emergency Telephone Numbers In Portugal

Emergency Telephone Numbers In PortugalThe following telephone numbers are for the various emergency services in Portugal, depending on the type of emergency.