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Algarve Aquarians of very different ages

AquariusSome fascinating comparisons between those born in the first week of the Aquarius sign of the zodiac are personified by Charles Every who turned 102 last Saturday and twin sisters, Mariota and Catriona Anderson, who will be 20 this Friday.

Although their homes are within a few kilometres of each other in the Lagoa area, Charles and the Anderson sisters have never met.

Breastfeeding - how to prepare yourself

Breastfeeding - how to prepare yourselfBreastfeeding is the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Virtually all mothers can breastfeed, provided they have accurate information, and the support of their family, the health care system and society at large. 

What does Hot Water really cost us ?

What does your Hot Water really cost us ?We all need our daily hot water supply, but how much does it really cost us? We all know Gas boilers, many people use Solar Water Boilers, and of course Electric water heaters.

So what are the investments, maintenance costs and which is saving us the most money ?

Affordable care and nursing in the comfort of your own home

Affordable care and nursing in the comfort of your own homeWith thousands of expats choosing the Algarve to retire, what happens when they start to suffer with deteriorating health problems? Do they return home, do they suffer in silence or do they have options? Here’s the answer

Algarve Care and Support is new Community Care Service providing affordable care and nursing in the comfort of your own home across all areas of the Algarve and with a team qualified professionals in Health and Social Care from all over Europe, they cater for everyone’s needs from companionship to Dementia support.

South African Scholars Seek International Education

South African Scholars Seek International EducationAs another school year draws to a close in South Africa, many parents and scholars are beginning to think about their tertiary education options and future career opportunities.
Given South Africa’s limited quality tertiary education institutions and its annual, violent, “fees must fall” strikes, more and more people are considering residency and citizenship by investment as a means of accessing international tertiary institutions.
“The quality and standard of the study and career opportunities that a country and its academic institutions provide, play a fundamental role in the citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes that our investors choose at the end of the day,” says James Bowling, chief executive officer of Monarch&Co.

Pawsitive Dogs Algarve New Project of Guide Dog Training

Pawsitive Dogs Algarve New Project of Guide Dog TrainingLast June, dog behaviourist and assistance dog trainer, Karin Holmström Forster, announced the new Pawsitive Dogs Algarve project to train two guide dogs that in early 2018 will be delivered to two visually impaired young people living in the Algarve, where she has lived for 18 years.
Karin and her two dogs began their training on August 21st in Devon, England, with Alan Brooks, one of the most experienced British guide dog trainers, with several articles and books edited, and a former Guide Dog UK regional manager. In this training period, which will last for 12 weeks, each dog has two daily training sessions. In addition to this practical component, Karin has to do an intense theoretical work, composed of reading articles and viewing videos about guide dogs training and animal welfare.

Winter is coming, heat your home now at 50%

Winter is coming, heat your home now at 50%While in the North of Europe rain and storm is daily business, it seems in Algarve the summer is still lasting. However nights already get very fresh.

Soon we will get the humidity coming in at night, wetting cars and  metal gates, after that it is a matter of time before all damp comes in our homes again if not well insulated.


ASMAA launches a FREE "Citizen Advice Bureau" for Expats and Locals in Portugal

ASMAA launches a FREE "Citizen Advice Bureau" for Expats and Locals in PortugalThrough the “Citizen Advice Bureau”, ASMAA aims to assist individuals that are facing challenges with the bureaucratic aspects relating to living, visiting, owning a holiday home and/or business, and investing in Portugal.
It is ASMAA’s objective to assist not only the foreign resident community but also local Portuguese residents and business owners.

CLICK HERE to see more information.