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M2M Blinds, personalised service in your own home

M2M Blinds, personalised service in your own homeEstablished in 2007, now with the reputation of being an excellent provider of quality products and fantastic service, M2M Blinds are looking forward to another successful year. Known as one of the most trusted names on the Algarve they can boast a large range of products.

Couples & Relationship Therapy


“People do not come into therapy to change their past but to change their future”
Milton Erikson

Nova Vida Recovery Centre offer a range of counselling and therapy services including 1:1 therapy and intensive outpatient programmes.

No more sun or EDP needed for your hot water!

ThermoDynamic Hot Water SystemsSHS Solar Solutions now introduces ThermoDynamic Hot Water systems to the Algarve.
The Thermal Solar Boilers on the roof are now obsolete. With about 8-10 years payback time with 300 days or sunshine in Algarve this is proven not to be an efficient investment.

On holiday in Portugal ? Fire and safety advice as temperatures soar

FireOctPlanning your activities? Please do so in safety by following this government advice, writes Safe Communities Portugal.

From August 1, there will be a significant increase in temperature and relative decrease in humidity in mainland Portugal.

For August 2 and 3, maximum temperatures of 35ºC are expected in most of the territory, with levels above 40ºC in the ALENTEJO, Vale do Tejo and Beira Baixa, and temperatures reaching of 45ºC in some places.

A Special Light for your Child - Children's Day 2018

A Special Light for your Child - Children's Day 2018On the first day of June, where children are the center of attention, we made suggestions for the decoration of the child's room. Celebrate Children's Day with the Mar d’Estórias and brighten up your bedroom’s kid with a Xadrez às Riscas lamp. This Portuguese brand features manually produced and limited edition lighting pieces. Pastel colours applied to wood are transforms in lamps that will brighten the hearts of parents and children.

Why decoration heating stones are useless in Algarve

Why decoration heating stones are useless in AlgarveYou can buy many decoration stones as heating for your home. However most of these stones are not Infrared, so much less efficient to run. Also some of these products claim to be infrared because they supposedly would heat the wall behind them, which will radiate back.
The reason that makes Infrared so efficient is the principle of radiant heat instead of convection (moving air like normal heaters and AC’s).

Insurance, but with dedication and professionalism

Telmo Gonçalves of SerSeguroSerSeguro is an Insurance Broker, specialising in all kinds of insurances for more than 15 years. Our main goal is to present our clients our good service, in order to help them when it is needed most.

With five offices established in Portugal, situated in Lisbon,Mem Martins, Massamá, Parede, Açores/Flores and Evora, SerSeguro now have a branch in Almancil.

Babywearing - an indispensable tool to survive the hectic daily routine

 Ergonomic baby's carrier As a mother of 6 with all the logistics that this implies, I have long been a babywearing fan and use it as an indispensable tool to survive the hectic daily routine.
The fact I carry my babies around make people often question or express their doubts on this topic.
Here are the most frequently asked questions with my comments / answers as a mother but also as a babywearing consultant.