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12 Best Video Games Coming Out in Fall of 2021

12 BEST VIDEO GAMES COMING OUT IN FALL OF 2021Each year, several big video games are released during the fall season. The fall 2021 release schedule includes many highly anticipated games that will be released as part of the Xbox Series X generation and PS5. Clearly there are odd anomalies in the industry, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting it.

Why is cyberbullying one of the biggest problems in college?

WHY IS CYBERBULLYING ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN COLLEGE?In this article we will raise this topic, since this is a really serious problem, we will fully understand what it is and how to avoid this type of bullying. First, you need to understand that this type of bullying came to us with the advent of social networks and, unfortunately, will live on for a long time.

Can Online Education Be Equal to Classroom Teaching?

CAN ONLINE EDUCATION BE EQUAL TO CLASSROOM TEACHING?The rise in popularity of online education and the assumption that it can easily replace traditional education are new. But it seems impossible to transfer all educational practices online — from lectures and seminars to practical classes, laboratory, and design work. 

Move Overseas With Ease - Tips & Ideas To Live Your Best Life Abroad (Part 5)

MOVE OVERSEAS WITH EASE - TIPS & IDEAS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ABROAD (PART 4)No emergency contact. When we decide to take an international assignment and plan our trip abroad, the logistics and practical issues take a front seat. We rarely know the typical phases of cultural adjustment and how to prepare for potential pitfalls.

AlgarvePLUS Magazine - September 2021

AlgarvePLUS Magazine - September 2021In this issue you'll discover more star names that have joined the AlgarvePLUS line up - Check out page 21 for the low down on Algarvedailynews' very own Sue Englefield!

CLICK HERE and view full screen to read AlgarvePLUS September 2021.

What Foreign Students Should Know About Essay Writing in Portugal

WHAT FOREIGN STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ESSAY WRITING IN PORTUGALBeing an international student can be stressful. Sometimes, it affects your academics because you are in a new environment, and you are probably clueless about the academic requirements in your place of study. Fortunately, you can get mentally prepared for what to expect.

Medical Education Tips: How To Prolong Your Certificate During The Pandemic

MEDICAL EDUCATION TIPS: HOW TO PROLONG YOUR CERTIFICATE DURING THE PANDEMICDuring the past couple of years, the world has witnessed tremendous changes due to the pandemic. People had to work from home, students attend classes online, and it happened all of a sudden that no one had time to prepare for such changes. Some people were more affected than others due to the different circumstances and the way change affected them.

Move Overseas With Ease - Tips & Ideas To Live Your Best Life Abroad (Part 4)

MOVE OVERSEAS WITH EASE - TIPS & IDEAS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ABROAD (PART 4)How to prepare to move abroad. When we are preparing for an international assignment, it is common to focus on all the things that must be done, and all the logistics behind a big international move. We tend to put all our attention on what to take with us.