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Algarve resident impresses Belgian Genealogy Society

dnaI was very surprised lately to learn that on a daily base millions of people worldwide are in one way or another involved, ‘in the mysterious world of genealogy,’ meaning either they are looking or enquiring about their family and in particular their ancestors or they are busy building their family tree, writes Guido Andries.

By looking into Google or Wikipedia one can see the thousands of websites and data bases available for interested people to use.

365Algarve to spend a further €1.5 million on wintertime events

Algarve365LOGOBetween October 2018 and May 2019, 365Algarve's third edition will present 402 events, energising the region during low season months. Concerts, theatre, dance and new circus shows, cinema, street art and cultural visits are some of the activities provided.

365Algarve, this year with Travelling as its motto, intends to improve the tourist experience and the attractiveness throughout the region during low season months, complementing the existing offer.

A brand that scents Portugal for 10 years

A brand that scents Portugal for 10 yearsToday, Mar d’Estórias present 100ml - a company that creates brands and perfumes that honours the customs of our country. Founded 10 years ago by Luís Miguel Pereira, 100ml values the aromas and essences of the luxury national perfumery. This dedication, in creating products that olfactory mirror our history, is changing the concept in the world of perfumes.

Things to consider when retiring to Portugal from UK

Things To Consider When Retiring To Portugal From UKPortugal has got a great climate, beautiful coastlines, historic towns and offers a cost of living that is lower than in many other European destinations, which makes it one of the worlds favourite retirement destinations.
Nearly 60,000 British people have made Portugal their home, the majority choosing to live in the southerly Algarve region. 

Relax with Enjoy the Algarve’s August issue

Enjoy the Algarve – August 2018 Read the August 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Relax!’

In it: we explore the Algarvian countryside by Segway, try out carriage driving, learn about Portuguese poetry & taste the bola de Berlim. Bola-seller José Lopes, aka Zéíí, explains why these hot donut-like pastries are the Algarve’s most popular beach snack in the middle of summer.

Escape Room Lagos - a MUST DO in the Algarve!

Escape Room Lagos - a MUST DO in the Algarve!Are you looking for something a little bit different to do in the Algarve? Why not give The Orphanage Escape Room in Lagos a try?

If you're not familiar with the term 'escape room', it's basically the term for a live-action game where you and your team are the players. You are locked in a room with the challenge to complete a mission using a serires of clues, solving puzzles and completing challenges to escape the room. They will of course just let you out if you ask, but where's the fun in that?

Go seaside sightseeing with Enjoy the Algarve’s July issue

Go seaside sightseeing with Enjoy the Algarve’s July issueRead the July 2018 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, ‘Seaside sightseeing’.
In it: marine biologist André Dias about ocean conservation (“If you get to see a dolphin in the wild, you care about preserving its habitat”), a feature about why life is better at the seaside and fascinating facts about sea salt. We try out parasailing and bring you six other wicked ways to get wet in the Algarve.

Sex and Wine in Portugal

Sex and wine in PortugalFollowing the spirit of Kotler’s marketing theories, a company advertising its products always has the clear intention and aspiration “to stimulate” consumption so that in the end the company realises a higher turnover.

Based on the latest knowledge about “modern marketing” one should say: “good marketing and perfect advertising aim to create the need and the appetite to buy the displayed products.” This is “the international approach” on marketing products.