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Christmas Day truce of 1914

German soldier greets British “Tommies” with a Christmas tree in “No Man’s Land”Christmas 1914, the First World War. On the front lines in Europe, there was a truce. That word does not mean much to many now, but over 100 years ago for the men in the trenches, it meant everything.

It was the worst and most violent conflict the world had yet known. At the time they called it the Great War, since they did not know there would be another. It was truly a war between empires in the old world sense – French, Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and British. In 1917 the Americans would join them.

Spearfishing in the Algarve

Spearfishing in the AlgarveThe connection the Algarve community has with the sea is undeniable. From the Portuguese Discoveries, from the search for fish for family survival to the enjoyment of water sports, we always consider the sea an essential part of our lives. So, it is not surprising that the Algarve has witnessed the birth of two people who make the sea their home and who have been distinguished by it: Teresa Duarte and Jody Lot, World Spearfishing Champions.

Christmas and New Year in Portugal

ChristmasLightsChristmas in Portugal - Christmas celebrations

Although Christmas celebration is somehow universal, you do get the small and bigger differences per country or culture. Christmas in Portugal, is mainly a time to spend with family. Although Christmas trees have been more popular since the 70’s, the main decoration still is the “presépio”, the nativity scenes, that each home will have, and that towns will display in larger sizes and sometimes even with real people and animals playing out the roles.

'Rubis Gás Up' hot air balloon festival arrives in the Algarve

'Rubis Gás Up' hot air balloon festival arrives in the AlgarveThe Rubis Gás Up festival heads to the Algarve between October 24 and 28, giving people the chance to see twenty hot air balloons in the sky over the region as well as experience a balloon flight.

The event is being organised by Windpassenger with the main sponsorship of Rubis Gás and the support of Lagos, Portimão, Faro and Albufeira Councils, the Parish Council of Alvor and Lagos and Portimão aerodromes.

Looking for a part time flexible job?

We need youWould you like to earn a bit of spending money? Are you a golden oldie, a switched on teen or a motivated middle-ager?
Property Specialists Algarve is a dynamic real estate agent based in Lagos. We are looking for a self motivated team member with attention to detail, fluent in English (plus Portuguese a bonus). Flexible hours, generous pay and various duties depending on your talents - leaflet drops, listing properties, basic administrative tasks.

Memorial erected to Via Algarviana founder member

A plaque in memory of Maurice Clyde A plaque in memory of Maurice Clyde has been unveiled to the former ‘Algarve Wednesday Walk’ leader and one of the founders of the Via Algarviana, who sadly passed away in 2014.

The memorial was provided by Silves Camara and Almargem and has been placed at an accessible point on the now hugely popular walking route, near a bridge on the M502 about 1.5 kilometres north of Silves cemetery.

Algarve resident impresses Belgian Genealogy Society

dnaI was very surprised lately to learn that on a daily base millions of people worldwide are in one way or another involved, ‘in the mysterious world of genealogy,’ meaning either they are looking or enquiring about their family and in particular their ancestors or they are busy building their family tree, writes Guido Andries.

By looking into Google or Wikipedia one can see the thousands of websites and data bases available for interested people to use.

365Algarve to spend a further €1.5 million on wintertime events

Algarve365LOGOBetween October 2018 and May 2019, 365Algarve's third edition will present 402 events, energising the region during low season months. Concerts, theatre, dance and new circus shows, cinema, street art and cultural visits are some of the activities provided.

365Algarve, this year with Travelling as its motto, intends to improve the tourist experience and the attractiveness throughout the region during low season months, complementing the existing offer.