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Baking resistance in Alentejo

Rosa and RaquelThe Brazilian couple Rosa and Raquel moved to Alentejo two and a half years ago and have not been wasting any time. They decided to start a sourdough bread bakery on their land and it quickly became a success. In the center of production is the old woodfired oven next to their house and the grain comes from local farmers “so that the money stays”. 

Simply Algarve Magazine

SImply Algarve magazineSimply Algarve magazine is aimed at both residents of and visitors to the central region of the Algarve. Each month 6,000 copies are distributed around Almancil, Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago, Quarteira and Vilamoura. Algarve Daily News has been lucky enough to have been asked to write a monthly column in the magazine, giving a round up of community and charitable events going on.

Read the Simply Algarve November 2019 edition HERE. 

Portuguese youngster wants to be the first to ride around the world on a minibike! 

Portuguese youngster wants to be the first to ride around the world on a minibike! The youngster Portuguese who set a world record by overland South America on a 125cc motorcycle announced that in 2020 he will try to set another one by riding on a mini moto around the world. Born in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal, André Sousa proposes to travel more than 50 countries throughout the six continents on a Honda Monkey mini bike - the contemporary version of a classic 1970s model, now with a refurbished design but still with its “vintage” look, involving a 9-horsepower, 125cc engine. 

The International Film Tour hits Portugal

The International Film Tour hits PortugalAt the end of October 2019 the Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 6 arrives in Portugal for the first time taking in 3 shows in LISBON, PORTO and the ALGARVE. The ultimate film event for all who love the sea!

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR brings the beauty and fascination of the oceans to the big screen.

World Angling Championship 2019

World Angling Championship 2019 - Lourenco Martins A local boy from Burgau, was part of the team representing Portugal in the 28th World Shore Angling Championships last week. Portugal sent one team for the Under 16’ s and one team for the under 21’s to the event in Terracina, Sabaudia and Latina, Italy.

Age-old miracle still attracts millions

Age-old miracle still attracts millionsWhile the number of practising Catholics in Portugal and elsewhere in Europe is in decline, the Sanctuary of Fátima remains one of the most visited Catholic places of pilgrimage in the world. Pilgrims poured last weekend, on Oct 13th for the 102nd anniversary of the “Miracle of the Sun”.  
According to Sanctuary statistics, the annual number of visitors to Fátima over the past ten years has fluctuated between 3 million and 6 million.  The centenary year, 2017, exceeded all expectations with 9.4 million pilgrims from 109 countries.

Journalist and author, Len port, tells us more

Interviewing “The Indiana Jones of Yoga!”

Interviewing “The Indiana Jones of Yoga!”This week a film crew is specially flying in from Brazil for three days to interview and create a documentary on the extraordinary life and work of the man the media calls the “Indiana Jones of Yoga” - local Sao Bras author, artist, world travelling adventurer and truth seeker, Muz Murray.

Safe Communities Recognized as a Civil Protection Volunteer Organisation

Safe CommunitiesSafe Communities Portugal has become one of only a handful of organisations in Portugal to be recognized as a Voluntary Civil Protection Organisation (ODVC) in accordance with the provisions of in the Civil Protection Basic Law.

The recognition, recently announced by the ANEPC, covers the areas of “communication, information and facilitating training to the population concerning the prevention of collective risks and the minimization of the consequences arising from the occurrence of serious accidents or catastrophes by raising awareness of self-protection matters. In addition: to provide cooperation in relief and assistance to people, integrated in the global response effort in the event of a serious accident or catastrophe”.