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AlgarvePLUS Magazine - February 2022

ALGARVEPLUS MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2022Yes, this is the biggest issue yet, with more people and places, more trips away and tastes that are special, more about emerging artisans who are putting Portugal firmly on the map.

Read the February 2022 issue HERE.


How to Land Your Dream Job in 2022

HOW TO LAND YOUR DREAM JOB IN 20222022 is the year to land your dream job. With “The Great Resignation” in 2021, many companies are facing a labour shortage. Now, it’s easier than ever to acquire your perfect position. But, you still have to go about it the right way. Below, we’ve outlined top strategies from C-suite executives to help you land the job of your dreams. 

Escape One Algarve: the Algarve’s biggest Escape Room Centre

ESCAPE ONE ALGARVE: THE ALGARVE’S BIGGEST ESCAPE ROOM CENTREDid you know that Atlantis has finally been found? It lies just metres away from the sandy shores of Praia da Rocha! Not only that, but anyone can come explore the lost temple, as long as you book first!

How is technology changing the way we game?  

HOW IS TECHNOLOGY CHANGING THE WAY WE GAME    With technological advancements, online games have become increasingly realistic, so a blurring of reality and fantasy has become commonplace. The use of games has not only been adapted for entertainment but also for education in many fields. One of the industry’s most important drivers has been the adoption of technology in mobile gaming.

How Can Furthering Your Education Improve Your Career

HOW CAN FURTHERING YOUR EDUCATION IMPROVE YOUR CAREEREducation plays a vital role in the development of any professional's career. Whether you are looking for your first job right out of college, re-entering the workforce after taking time off to raise children, or simply looking to reach new professional heights, the number one advantage you have over other applicants is your education. With that in mind, let's take a look at the three main ways furthering your education can improve your career.

New vs used electric cars – but how do they differ in price?

New vs used electric cars – but how do they differ in price?If you’ve been looking at second-hand cars for sale, it’s likely you’ve noticed the increasing number of electric cars that are now available on the used market. But does a used electric car make good financial sense?

Tips on building a designer bag collection

TIPS ON BUILDING A DESIGNER BAG COLLECTIONA new year means a fresh start and the opportunity to rethink your appearance and routine for the months ahead. Perhaps a refresh of your style is also in order? We've all had a lull in parties and events recently, but there is one thing that can dress up everything from sweatpants to ready-to-wear: a new handbag.

Things to Invest in to Improve Your Year  

THINGS TO INVEST IN TO IMPROVE YOUR YEAR  When a new year rolls around, there is a sense of hope within a lot of people. The chance to make positive changes and have a great 12 months is something that everyone hopes to accomplish. However, sometimes it doesn't go that way. There is no guarantee that you are going to have an amazing year. A lot of the time, you will just have to try your best and hope for the best possible outcome.