'Tourist tax' comes into force in the Lagoa municipality

'TOURIST TAX' COMES INTO FORCE IN THE LAGOA MUNICIPALITYLagoa has joined the 5 existing Algarve municipalities charging tourist tax, as of April 13th, reportedly to "allow improvements to be made to municipal public and private assets".

Vila Real de Stº António: Man seriously injured in a collision between car and moped

VILA REAL DE STº ANTÓNIO: MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN A COLLISION BETWEEN CAR AND MOPEDA collision between a moped and a car yesterday afternoon on the municipal road 511, known as Estrada da Mata, near the Vila Real de Stº António lighthouse, has seriously injured a 53 year old Portuguese man.

Olhão: Woman arrested for stabbing her partner to death

OLHÃO: WOMAN ARRESTED FOR STABBING HER PARTNER TO DEATHA woman was arrested and detained after, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, fatally attacking her partner with a knife last Friday, in Olhão.

Silves council allocates half a million euros to local institutions and associations

SILVES COUNCIL ALLOCATES HALF A MILLION EUROS TO LOCAL INSTITUTIONS AND ASSOCIATIONSThe Municipality of Silves has signed contracts worth 508,000 euros with almost 100 local institutions and associations, including various local cultural support programs; social, sporting and youth associations.

Latest: Portugal and the European Union

LATEST: PORTUGAL AND THE EUROPEAN UNIONPrime Minister Luis Montenegro was speaking in Brussels this week when he emphasised that Portugal has a “very strong commitment” to the European Union, both in domestic and foreign policy, especially regarding Ukraine and the Middle East.

Potential new surfing world record on a 28.57 metre monster wave

POTENTIAL NEW SURFING WORLD RECORD ON A 28.57 METRE MONSTER WAVEGerman Big Wave Surfer Sebastian Steudtner has surfed possibly the biggest wave ever this season, measured at 28.57m (93.73ft), in Nazaré, Portugal. (video)

Safety of Algarve fishermen is at risk

SAFETY OF ALGARVE FISHERMEN IS AT RISKAlgarve fishermen are increasingly concerned for their safety, due to dredging promised for 2023 not having begun yet, worsening safety conditions substantially, especially in the Tavira and Fuseta bars.

Silves closes some tourist attractions for disinfestation

SILVES CLOSES SOME TOURIST ATTRACTIONS FOR DISINFESTATIONThe Igreja da Misericórdia, the Museu do Traje e das Tradições and the Casa Museu João de Deus in Silves will all be closed for short periods over the next few weeks.