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dogTrainingThe GNR’s Nature and Environmental Protection Service has accused a man and a woman, aged 62 and 66, on suspicion of the falsification of animal vaccination documents while pretending they were vets.

According to a statement from the GNR, "the suspects ran a clandestine clinic in their home, forging animal vaccination reports with a stamp that is unknown to the Veterinary Medical Association in Portugal and Spain. They bred and sold dogs of various breeds, always with signed vaccination bulletins with fake stamps."

FaroDocksNewMarinaSmallDredging at Faro's leisure dock started on Monday after years of delay but will only remove decades of silt and rubbish from half of the area.

The three month project will dredge the eastern side of the dock only, which is controlled by Docapesca, as the western half of the area is the responsibility of the Ginásio Clube Naval de Faro which holds the concession and presumably does not have the funds to have its area dredged.

gavelBrussels has highlighted several shortcomings in Portugal’s much publicised ‘fight against corruption’ and cites the situation where just four magistrates have to analyse around 4,000 asset declarations each, submitted by politicians.

The European Commission has asked that Portugal applies "more effort and resources" to root out corruption but the State seems happy with the status quo, where it can point to high profile cases while allowing lower grade corruption to continue as it always has.

OilAriealShotSmallLoulé court’s decision to ban the drilling project put forward by Galp-ENI has been overturned in the southern administrative court.

The muddle continues over the oil drilling programme as this latest court decision means the oil concession holder can go ahead and drill off Aljezur but, despite failing publicly to confirm its intentions, maintains that it has given up the struggle to assert its rights and no longer has any interest in finding oil or gas off the Portuguese coast.

fibreopticA plan resurrected by Faro Council, to turn 104 hectares to the south-east of the University’s Gambelas campus into a technology park, will be discussed with the public on March 1st at the Salão Nobre dos Paços in the city.

"The project covers an area of ​​approximately 104 hectares, near the university campus of Gambelas in the parish of Montenegro, of which 6.6 hectares are for the International Technological Park of the Algarve," explained the Council.