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oilgungeOdemira Council is marking the 30th anniversary of a maritme accident that covered Praia do Almograve with crude oil.

Celebrations are in place to mark the efforts made by individuals and official bodies that restored this area of the southwest coast after the tragic accident in which the oil tanker ‘Marão Diários’ leaked crude oil.

euromillions2A long-running investigation into the Moto GP 2012 event at the Estoril Autodromo has revealed a black hole in the accounts where €2.6 million should be.

Sintra's Department of Criminal Investigation has discovered that just over €2.6 million in subsidies simply has vanished from the 2010 and 2011 accounts.

riotintoA company based in the United Arab Emirates, Exchange Minerals Ltd, has made a formal request to mine on Portuguese soil.

The request was made to excavate for minerals such as gold, copper, silver, and zinc, across a total area of four hundred and ten square kilometres. The Left Bloc (BE) party has already come forward against the prospect of such development, basing such opposition mainly on environmental grounds.

portugalThe number of foreigners living in Portugal set historic record with a year-on-year increase of 13.9 percent in 2018, totaling 480,300, said a report presented on Friday.

The 2018 Immigration, Frontiers and Asylum Report (RIFA), released on the occasion of the 43rd Anniversary of Portugal's Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), indicates that the number of foreigners residing in Portugal has increased for the third year, adding that the Italians registered an increase of 45.9 percent compared to 2017, with 18,862 Italians living in the country.

aljezuroilThe Supreme Administrative Court considers that there is a special legal relevance to the question of the repercussions of the invoked precautionary principle in the execution of environmental damage, although it does not accept the review of the judgment of the Central Administrative Court of the South because there is no longer any situation of "danger", writes environmental association, PALP, in a press release issued on Saturday, June 29.

In March, the Public Prosecutor's Office appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court (STA) regarding the ruling handed down by the Central Administrative Court of the South (TCAS) on 21/02/2019.

wildboarWild boar, a somewhat dangerous species within the Algarve’s rich biodiversity, is making more of a nuisance of itself closer to the coast this year because of inland wildfires, writes Len Port.

Families of wild boar have been reported enjoying themselves on popular beaches, including Quarteira, Albandeira and Nossa Senhora da Rocha. Mercifully, they stay hidden during the day, only appearing at dusk and dawn, and so do not interfere with human sunbathers.

cigaretteboxThe GNR’s tax unit has been instrumental in bagging those running an illegal tobacco factory in Loulé.

The Tax Action Unit unleashed an operation on Wednesday, June 25, which resulted in the arrest of 13 individuals between 30 and 65, including Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Russian and Portuguese.

firehelicopter"We are prepared," said Eduardo Cabrita, the minister in charge of Internal Administration, commenting on his plans for the safety in the Algarve this coming summer season.

"What we will have over the summer is a boost that allows us to state that we are prepared for a safe Algarve. We are prepared with additional personnel from the PSP, the GNR and a reinforcement of the Borders Police at Faro Airport, "said Cabrita.