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oilgungeWith oil and gas drilling ‘back on the agenda’ for the Costa Vicentina - from Sines all the way round to Lagos on the south coast - activists have launched a last-ditch campaign to raise the necessary funds to fight it.

ASMAA - the Lagos-based citizens’ rights group - is planning a raft of legal actions to tackle all the threats suddenly stacked up on the horizon.

burglaryThe Observatory for Murdered Women has recorded 18 femicides since the beginning of 2017, the lowest number in 14 years, says a women’s union.

"This is the third year we have seen a decrease in the incidence of femicide ... we welcome the fact and we think it is a very positive development, but it is still too early to talk about a trend," said Elisabete Brazil from the União de Mulheres Alternativas e Resposta (UMAR).

fireBombeirosSmallOver a month after fires swept through trees and villages in Portugal's forested north, two men are still missing - one is presumed to be buried under a collapsed house.

The police are still investigating what happened to two men, missing since the fires of 15 October and have the support of their forensic teams but no trace of the men has been found.

forrestPrivate landowners have until March 15th next year to clean scrubland and trees from around isolated properties, along roadsides and from the edge of villages. If landowners fail to do so, councils will take on the work which will have to be finished before the end of May.

The Secretary of State for Civil Protection, José Artur Neves, acknowledged today in the debate on the 2018 State Budget that there is "immense amount of work to be done" to prepare the country for next year's fire season, saying that "prevention will help instill a feeling of security for country folk, a feeling that has been absent until now."

pensionerPreparing for the exit – in what is likely to be the penultimate Budget before Brexit, the challenges for the Chancellor, both from a fiscal and political perspective, have moved into sharper focus since the last Budget in March 2017 - writes Private Fund Management in Almancil

Noting that negotiations with the EU are in a "critical phase,” Mr Hammond struck a positive tone, speaking of a "world on the brink of technological revolution" with Britain "at the forefront," whilst acknowledging the "challenges ahead."

BritishEmbassyLisbonLogoAs formal withdrawal negotiations continue, the British Ambassador Kirsty Hayes, will be in the Algarve on Thursday, 30 November, to meet members of the local British community to respond to questions and concerns about the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Ambassador Hayes will attend public sessions at Clube de Tavira from 2pm to 3pm, and the Bibiloteca Municipal de Silves from 5pm to 6pm, where she will provide an update on the current situation, and will be interested to hear of any concerns British residents might have about the possible impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.