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AirForceEADSA major has described to a Sintra court how a long-running scam by those running Portuguese Air Force messes involved kickbacks from food suppliers that later were distributed by those personnel involved, including high-ranking officers.

Rogério Martinho, currently a major in the reserve, was the first defendant to testify at the trial resulting from Operation Zeus that has called 68 defendants, 30 of whom are in the military. A further 38 defendants are individuals or civilians working for suppliers.

sousacintraJosé de Sousa Cintra, the self-made millionaire who thought he would 'have a go' at the oil and gas business, has seen his €5 million claim against the State rejected in court.

The case revolved around Sintra’s bizarre activities after mysteriously being granted oil and exploration rights across most of the Algarve’s onshore territory. His company, Portufuel, broke so many rules that even the pro-oil socialist government was forced to suspend the company's two concession contracts and called a halt to any further exploration activity.

fluThe Director General of Health, Graça Freitas, said today that the ‘flu in Portugal could become an epidemic “within a week,” adding that the current number of incidences is normal.

A meeting at the Directorate-General for Health was said to be “routine,” the situation was reviewed and predictions made regarding the spread of cold and influenza viruses.

castromarimviewThe forced closure of Castro Marim Council’s municipal company, Novbaesuris, is descending into chaos, not helped by opposition councillors.

"The indefinite closure of the public facilities that are under the management of Novbaesuris now is at the beginning of the liquidation process," announced the Council which added that Casa do Sal, the Revelim de Santo António, the Castle and Casa de Odeleite are closing as the company’s employees all have been redeployed or laid off.