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Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix increased business turnover in the Algarve by 13%

PORTUGUESE MOTOGP GRAND PRIX INCREASED BUSINESS TURNOVER IN THE ALGARVE BY 13%Analytical data organisation Reduniq Insights announced today that the the Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix, held last weekend in Portimão, increased business turnover in the region by 13% during the event.

Faro: two young people arrested for attempted murder

FARO: TWO YOUNG PEOPLE ARRESTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDERYesterday, the Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested two young people, aged 18 and 23, due to strong evidence of the crime of attempted homicide with a knife, in Faro on Tuesday.

São Bartolomeu de Messines: 67 year old man dies after being run over in a workshop

SÃO BARTOLOMEU DE MESSINES: 67 YEAR OLD MAN DIES AFTER BEING RUN OVER IN A WORKSHOPA 67 year old man died last night, afterr being run over by a heavy vehicle in a workshop where he was working in Aldeia Ruiva, São Bartolomeu de Messines.

DECO wants Algarve municipalities to give more help to the public to save water

DECO wants Algarve municipalities to give more help to the public to save water.The Portuguese Consumer Protection Association (DECO) is asking that municipalities in the Algarve create support lines to allow consumers to purchase equipment to save water and combat water poverty.

Sailors from the Yacht Club Marina Portimão win first place in world rankings

SAILORS FROM THE YACHT CLUB MARINA PORTIMÃO WIN FIRST PLACE IN WORLD RANKINGSFor the first time in the history of Sailing in Portugal, our country has won 1st position in the Para World Sailing rankings.

Weather warning: Algarve can expect 12 metre waves

WEATHER WARNING: ALGARVE CAN EXPECT 12 METRE WAVESFaro is one of 10 districts under orange warning over the next few days, due to maritime unrest. Waves could reach 12 metres high.

Portugal's MotoGP weekend receives the most people ever

PORTUGAL'S MOTOGP WEEKEND RECEIVES THE MOST PEOPLE EVERThe director of the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA), Paulo Pinheiro, has said that this weekends' Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix in Portimão “exceeded the expected attendance”, receiving close to 200,000 people making it the largest ever motor event in Portimão since the race track opened 15 years ago.

GNR begin their 'Operation Easter 2024' road safety campaign

GNR BEGIN THEIR 'OPERATION EASTER 2024' ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGNThe GNR has already started the road safety “Operation Easter 2024”, which will intensify from today until April 1st, involving roadside inspections, patrolling and awareness-raising activities throughout the country.