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Portimão: Two young men arrested for attempted murder and robbery

PORTIMÃO: TWO YOUNG MEN ARRESTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER AND ROBBERYThe Judiciary Police of Portimão have identified and detained two young people, on suspicion of attempted murder and robbery crimes, committed last July in Portimão.

Baby is born in the Lagos Volunteer Firefighters ambulance

BABY IS BORN IN THE LAGOS VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS AMBULANCETo the surpise of all those involved, a woman gave birth to her baby son early this yesterday morning, in a Lagos Volunteer Fire Department ambulance.

CCDR Algarve defends consensus to manage water and study new ideas

CCDR ALGARVE DEFENDS CONSENSUS TO MANAGE WATER AND STUDY NEW IDEASThe president of the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) today highlighted the need “to have consensus” with all entities to manage water in the region and study the feasibility of new abstractions.

Loulé: Man arrested with more than 5000 doses of heroin

LOULÉ: MAN ARRESTED WITH MORE THAN 5000 DOSES OF HEROINFollowing a complaint about drug trafficking the GNR have arrested a 29 year old man in Loulé, with 5,356 doses of heroin in his possession.

Ryanair fights against airport fee increases

RYANAIR FIGHTS AGAINST AIRPORT FEE INCREASESRyanair and the Government of Madeira will work to pressure ANA/Vinci not to apply the “unjustifiable and excessive” increase in airport fees that affect tourism and the economy, the airlines commercial director said today.

EU Commission welcomes final agreement on EU Digital Identity Wallet

EU Commission welcomes final agreement on EU Digital Identity WalletThe final agreement was reached earlier this month by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, that all EU citizens will be offered the possibility to have an EU Digital Identity Wallet to access public and private online services, offering full security and protection of personal data all over Europe.

Carvoeiro: 2 men arrested for drug trafficking

CARVOEIRO: 2 MEN ARRESTED FOR DRUG TRAFFICKINGWith drug trafficking seemingly popping up everywhere these days, the GNR in the village of Carvoeiro arrested two 28 year old men on Friday, after they were behaving suspiciously.

Portugal’s NHR tax regime extended for some – but only if plans are already underway

PORTUGAL’S NHR TAX REGIME EXTENDED FOR SOME – BUT ONLY IF PLANS ARE ALREADY UNDERWAYWealthy expats looking to take advantage of Portugal’s hugely popular Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime are potentially set for a one-year extension – but only if they meet certain criteria.