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Algarve: An 'exemplary' reduction in water consumption in agriculture and golf

ALGARVE: AN 'EXEMPLARY' REDUCTION IN WATER CONSUMPTION IN AGRICULTURE AND GOLFThe vice-president of the Portuguese Environment Agency has praised the agricultural and golf sectors in the Algarve for using around three times less water than required by the Government, this February compared to last February.

The weather worsens with rain, strong wind and sea disturbances

THE WEATHER WORSENS WITH RAIN, STRONG WIND AND SEA DISTURBANCESAccording to the IPMA, all but 3 districts In Portugal are under yellow warning due to precipitation from Wednesday night until Sunday morning.

Man arrested after extorting €1000 for a residence permit

MAN ARRESTED AFTER EXTORTING €1000 FOR A RESIDENCE PERMITThe PSP have arrested a 39 year old man in Portimão, after receiving information that a citizen was being forced to hand over 1000 euros for his residence permit, which had been sent to the wrong address by mistake.

Hunting Protocol: GNR detain 113 people and detect 140 crimes

HUNTING PROTOCOL: GNR DETAIN 113 PEOPLE AND DETECT 140 CRIMESIn an operation which took place across the country between August 20, 2023 and February 28 of this year, police detained 113 people and detected 140 crimes related to hunting.

Loulé: 17 year old footballer charged with attacking referee

LOULÉ: 17 YEAR OLD FOOTBALLER CHARGED WITH ATTACKING REFEREEA GNR source has confirmed that a 17 year old footballer who attacked a referee in a second-tier under-17 district game, in Loulé on Sunday, has been identified and charged.

New App aims to avoid Iberian Lynxes being run over

NEW APP AIMS TO AVOID IBERIAN LYNXES BEING RUN OVERThe Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) is developing a monitoring system for Iberian Lynxes so that motorists can know almost in real time that there is a Lynxl nearby, and hopefully avoid it being run over.

Portugal launches nanosatellite from SpaceX's space base

PORTUGAL LAUNCHES NANOSATELLITE FROM SPACEX'S SPACE BASEThe Portuguese nanosatellite will travel aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, which will take off from the SpaceX base, a company owned by billionaire, Elon Musk.

Tourists will arrive in their droves at Easter

TOURISTS WILL ARRIVE IN THEIR DROVES AT EASTERTourism officials say the prospects for tourist occupancy for Easter in the Algarve are “very good”, with a higher rate of bookings than at the same time last year.

“According to feedback from professionals in the sector, we have a very good rate of bookings, higher than that seen at the same time last year”, the president of the Algarve Tourism Region told the Lusa news agency.

André Gomes insisted that there are “very positive prospects” for both national and foreign tourists visiting the Algarve this Easter.

An identical analysis was carried out by the president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve ( AHETA ), who stated that the majority of its members have reservations “equal or higher” than this period last year.

“The prospects are very good, there is still availability, but we are, as a general rule, above last year”, said Hélder Martins.

The tourist profile at this time of year is, as usual, mainly made up of families. However, the fact that Easter is earlier than usual – Easter Sunday is March 31st – means that there is a more pronounced overlap with the travel of groups of foreigners who come to play golf, said Snr Martins.

The Portuguese will more than likely top the list of nationalities that visit the Algarve the most, followed by the British, French, Irish and Spanish, to name just the top few. The president of Algarve Tourism highlighted that the number of tourists from the United States of America continues to be “fast growing” too.

Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.com