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Olhão: Suspected robber threatens police with a gun

OLHÃO: SUSPECTED ROBBER THREATENS POLICE WITH A GUNThe PSP of Olhão arrested a 34 year old man at the weekend, on suspicion of robbery for committing the crime of threatening an employee and resisting arrest.

Alte: 100 year old Albertina refuses to retire

ALTE: 100 YEAR OLD ALBERTINA REFUSES TO RETIREAlte resident, Albertina Madeira has reached the grand old age of 100 years old, and has no plans to retire from running Alte village newspaper Ecos da Serra.

Lagoa: Canoes, kayaks and surfboards banned at six beaches

Lagoa: Canoes, kayaks and surfboards banned at six beaches.The captain of the port of Portimão, Eduardo Godinho, has issued a ban on canoes, kayaks and surfboards on six beaches in Lagoa in the interest of safety of vessels and people.

Government support of €25,000 for beekeepers affected by wildfires

Government support of €25,000 for beekeepers affected by wildfires.Portugal's government announced on Monday that it had created extraordinary support of €25,000 for beekeepers affected by the fires that occurred in May and August this year in the municipalities of Aljezur, Monchique, and Odemira.

Silves: Demonstration against Amorim smoke pollution - Sept 29th

SILVES: DEMONSTRATION AGAINST AMORIM SMOKE POLLUTION - SEPT 29THUnfortunately since June this year, when demonstrators believed Amorim were involved in addressing the problem of smoke pollution from their factory in Silves, the situation has in fact worsened.

Residents outraged as rubbish accumulates on 'privately owned' land

RESIDENTS OUTRAGED AS RUBBISH ACCUMULATES ON 'PRIVATELY OWNED' LANDSeveral residents who live nearby a plot of land located on Estrada Nacional EN2, in Faro have expressed theuir concern regarding a piece of land which has accumulated trash : “It looks like a dumpster.”

Former Olhão councillor sentenced to 9 years for mega fraud of illegal appropriation of buildings

FORMER OLHÃO COUNCILLOR SENTENCED TO 9 YEARS FOR MEGA FRAUD OF ILLEGAL APPROPRIATION OF BUILDINGSThe Judicial Court of Faro was the stage, this Wednesday afternoon, for the reading of the ruling, despite the strike of judicial employees during the investigations, of a mega fraud case.

Faro Airport: carnage again in the arrivals area

FARO AIRPORT: CARNAGE AGAIN IN THE ARRIVALS AREAFaro Airport once again has suffered an overcrowded arrivals area this week, as the video below shows thousands of people in queues, waiting.