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trainUsers of the Algarve’s railway service are having to put up with a daily service that is blighted with frequent cancellations.

The Algarve Line Passengers Committee is holding a public protest next Thursday, January 10, at Olhão railway station, “in defence of the Algarve Line, a fundamental infrastructure for the development of the region which faces one of the worst moments in its history.”

Route66PassportABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ broadcast a discussion on the best tourist destinations in the world to visit in 2019 - the Estrada Nacional 2, Portugal’s very own ‘Route 66,’ was one of the highlights of the programme that attracts over four million viewers.

The Estrada Nacional 2 connects Trás-os-Montes and the Algarve capital of Faro: the road is 739 kilometres long and one of the most iconic routes in the country.

airplaneIn a decision that will send enraged environmental groups scurrying to their lawyers, the government and the airports authority, ANA, have decided to press ahead with the Montijo air base development without waiting for the completion of a key environmental impact study.

The agreement to start the project to create a second Lisbon airport will move forward without a study into the effects the increased air traffic will have on birdlife in the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve (Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo) and the dangers posed to passengers.

macedoJudges in the Golden Visa trial, where 21 defendants were variously accused of corruption and using Portugal’s tax incentive scheme to line their own pockets, were at pains to point out that they had come to their decision without any pressure whatsoever from anyone.

This extraordinary statement, rather like a dinner guest informing the host that he is not going to steal the silverware, raises suspicions that verdicts in other cases have been subject to external influence.

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