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Algarve celebrities at Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Algarve homeowner Bonnie TylerWelsh singing star and long-time Algarve homeowner Bonnie Tyler had a busy weekend in the celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday and Platinum Jubilee.

Pilot project of a 4-day working week is on the cards

PILOT PROJECT OF A 4-DAY WORKING WEEK IS ON THE CARDSThe Portuguese Government intends to proceed with a pilot project of a 4-day working week, following in the footsteps of other countries testing, such as Iceland and Sweden.

Baby suffers convulsions in the sea at Três Castelos beach, Portimão

BABY SUFFERS CONVULSIONS IN THE SEA AT TRÊS CASTELOS BEACH, PORTIMÃOA one year old child became ill in the water yesterday afternoon, at Três Castelos beach in Portimâo, having suddenly gone into convulsions.

New Sudoeste Retail Park opens June 10th

NEW SUDOESTE RETAIL PARK OPENS JUNE 10THClaiming to be "the biggest Retail Park in the Algarve", the new Sudoeste Retail Park in Alcantarilha opens next Saturday, June 10th 2022.

Stiffer measures mean smoking in restaurants and bars will become almost impossible

Stiffer measures mean smoking in restaurants and bars will become almost impossible.Smoking in restaurants and bars will be almost impossible, but only in 2023, according to a decree signed by the Assistant Secretaries of State and Health and Tourism.

Lack of lifeguards on 22 beaches in the South of Portugal

LACK OF LIFEGUARDS ON 22 BEACHES IN THE SOUTH OF PORTUGALThe Portuguese Federation of Lifeguards (FEPONS) have warned that the lack of lifeguards is forcing 22 beach concessions in the south of the country to remain closed, raising the risk of drowning.

Airport border control staff increased by 82% from tomorrow

AIRPORT BORDER CONTROL STAFF INCREASED BY 82% FROM TOMORROWNational airports will have a reinforcement of 238 SEF and PSP staff during the summer months, 82% more than the current staff at border posts, with Faro airport increasing from 59 to 104 SEF and PSP staff this Thursday.

Taxi fares rise from today

TAXI FARES RISE FROM TODAYTaxi fares across Portugal will rise by more than 8% on average from today, according to the agreement signed between the Directorate-General for Economic Activities, ANTRAL and the Portuguese Taxi Federation and already approved by the Government.