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Manoel de Oliveira, Portuguese film director dies at 106

manoeloliveiraThe Portuguese film director Manoel de Oliveira, who has died aged 106, was among the most original and profound artists working in the medium.

But it was only in the 1980s, when Oliveira was already in his 70s, with eight feature films and six shorts behind him, that he began to gain international recognition and awards, including on two occasions the Venice film festival honorary Golden Lion for his overall career (1985 and 2004).

Graham Richards, campaigner for expat rights

GRAHAMRICHARDSGraham Richards died sometime during the last weekend of 2014 at his home at Mirande, Gers France. His death appears to have been as a result of falling down the stairs. He was 65/66.

Well before 2008 Graham had taken on the voluntary role of European contact for EMAG – ‘Equitable Life Members Action Group’ a group which still seeks justice for the investors in the Equitable Life Assurance Company, where incompetence of oversight by the British Government brought a great many pension investors to financial difficulties.

Joe Cocker (1944 - 2014)

JOECOCKERSheffield-born rock star with a raucous vocal style whose 1968 version of With a Little Help from My Friends became his unofficial theme tune

In a musical career lasting more than 50 years, Joe Cocker, who has died of lung cancer aged 70, bounced between the euphoria of chart-topping success and the misery of drug and alcohol abuse. In the latter part of his life, the singer had re-established himself as a soulful interpreter of material from a broad range of songwriters.

Vila Vita Parc founder dies

vilavitaownerReinfried Pohl, insurance magnate and founder of the Vila Vita Parc Resort near Armaçao de Pêra, has died aged 86.

Pohl turned Deutsche Vermoegensberatung AG into Germany’s largest financial services brokerage died of heart failure on June 12, according to company statement.

Donald Frank Rees (1918 - 2010)

Donald ReesDonald Rees OBE, who has died in the Algarve at the age of 91, was a much-acclaimed engineer and businessman. Ironically, many of his innovative engineering achievements remained hidden. Not so his devotion to his family, which throughout his career was always paramount.

He was born in South Wales, the youngest of three children. His father was an ambitious Cockney with a great sense of fun. His Scottish mother was warm and easy-going, a balancing force. Donald inherited all these characteristics.

David Green (1917 – 2010)

David GreenDavid Green, who has died at the age of 93, was among the first expatriates involved in establishing the Algarve as an international tourist destination. His main contribution was as director of golf at the new development of Vilamoura, which went on to become the largest private leisure resort in Portugal and one of the best-known golfing venues in the whole of Europe. 

Born in London towards the end of the First World War, he served in Africa with the Royal Artillery during World War II. At the end of the war he was hospitalised for two years with tuberculosis.

Ralph Douglas Broad (1927-2010)

Ralph DouglasOn Friday September 17th a much loved and respected gentlemen, Ralph Douglas Broad passed away peacefully in Lagos after a long illness that he had endeavoured to conquer by maintaining a full and active life. 

Ralph was a legend in the world of motor sport, an entrepreneurial and eccentric visionary, with a relentless drive for perfection. Ralph was a renowned motor racing innovator, and a talented pioneer in speed and engineering design. 

Tribute to Mike Johnson

Mike JohnsonMike Johnson, popular presenter of Play Back on Kiss FM from 1986, mainstay of Solar FM, Albufeira restaurant owner and Jazz Pianist came to the Algarve in the 1960s.  After an on-air heart attack Mike returned to the UK in 1994 and was residing in Plymouth where he continued to entertain audiences.

Mike then learned that he was suffering with a serious cancer problem. The Doctors told Mike he had only three months to live and he began chemotherapy treatment which helped prolong his life until finally he was informed that him he had about six more months.