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Why is the World Cup in Qatar?

WHY IS THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR?As the build up to this month's World Cup continues, the highlighting of human rights issues in Qatar is dominating the global press.

Ten Golden Rules You Must Know About Horse Racing Betting

TITLE: TEN GOLDEN RULES YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT HORSE RACING BETTINGBetting on horse racing is a popular pastime for many punters, and if you’re one of them then there are a few key rules to implement when you’re doing it. These aren’t foolproof ways of making money by any means, but they are certainly valuable tips to consider which can help you to develop an edge.

The Biggest Underdogs To Play The In The Super Bowl In The NFL History

The Biggest Underdogs To Play The In The Super Bowl In The NFL History.When it comes to sports, it is safe to say that people love a good underdog story. We simply love rooting for the weak. There is a simple explanation when it comes to this social phenomenon. People find hope in those wins or heroic displays. Because, if a weak NFL team, for example, can win against a stronger team, then people who watched the game believe that they can win things in life.

Strategies to Implement When Placing a Sports Bet

STRATEGIES TO IMPLEMENT WHEN PLACING A SPORTS BETNo matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned sports bettor, there are always going to be certain strategies that you can implement to try and improve your chances of success.

Can Portugal Win the 2022 World Cup?

 The plane for Qatar leaves soon, but how long will Portugal stay there?As November approaches, there is increasingly only one question on the lips of Portuguese football fans. From Lagos to Albufeira, Faro to Tavira, that question is how far can Portugal go in Qatar?

Are games a sport?

ARE GAMES A SPORT?Games are increasingly attracting a larger number of fans, regardless of gender or age. Nowadays there is much discussion as to whether games can be considered a sport or not.

3 Players From Algarve That Can Go To The World Cup

3 PLAYERS FROM ALGARVE THAT CAN GO TO THE WORLD CUPWith the World Cup just a mere matter of months away there is naturally a lot of chatter amongst fans around which players will make the final squads. The same is probably true of the coaching staff as they keep a close eye on the form and fitness of their players.

The Players to Watch in Portimonense’s 2022/23 Squad

THE PLAYERS TO WATCH IN PORTIMONENSE’S 2022/23 SQUADIt has been a memorable start to the 2022/23 Primeira Liga season for Algarve’s leading football team, Portimonense SC. After a somewhat barren spell outside of the Portuguese top flight during the 1990s and 2000s, Portimonense is much more of a permanent fixture in the Primeira Liga these days.