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Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf resorts support the R&A’s Women in Golf Charter

DOM PEDRO HOTELS & GOLF RESORTS SUPPORT THE R&A’S WOMEN IN GOLF CHARTERDom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection, host venue of the DP World Tour’s Portugal Masters, has become the first golf resort in the Algarve to join the R&A’s Women in Golf Charter, pledging its long-term commitment to the women’s game.

Do Manchester City need new wingers?

Do Manchester City need new wingers?It’s been five years now since Manchester City’s centurion side won their first Premier League title under Pep Guardiola. The swashbuckling Spaniard revolutionised English football with his possession-based brand of totalitarian football — one that would usher in a period of dominance which culminated in four league title wins in the last five seasons.

The last five Australian Open finals

THE LAST FIVE AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINALSThe Australian Open is one of the biggest events in tennis, and it’s no surprise that the Melbourne-based tournament causes the sporting world to sit up and take notice.

Follow the Latest Sports Results: 6 Useful Online Corners You Should Visit

FOLLOW THE LATEST SPORTS RESULTS: 6 USEFUL ONLINE CORNERS YOU SHOULD VISITFew things in life are more exhilarating than watching a live sporting event. Whether you're cheering on your favorite team or player, the excitement and anticipation of the game are palpable. But what if you can't be there in person to experience the action?

Famous Disallowed World Cup Goals

FAMOUS DISALLOWED WORLD CUP GOALSThe World Cup is the most popular football tournament in the world. The stakes are usually high from the first match, and every goal counts. However, sometimes football happens, and things happen during matches that change the course of the game.

Why is the World Cup in Qatar?

WHY IS THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR?As the build up to this month's World Cup continues, the highlighting of human rights issues in Qatar is dominating the global press.

Ten Golden Rules You Must Know About Horse Racing Betting

TITLE: TEN GOLDEN RULES YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT HORSE RACING BETTINGBetting on horse racing is a popular pastime for many punters, and if you’re one of them then there are a few key rules to implement when you’re doing it. These aren’t foolproof ways of making money by any means, but they are certainly valuable tips to consider which can help you to develop an edge.

The Biggest Underdogs To Play The In The Super Bowl In The NFL History

The Biggest Underdogs To Play The In The Super Bowl In The NFL History.When it comes to sports, it is safe to say that people love a good underdog story. We simply love rooting for the weak. There is a simple explanation when it comes to this social phenomenon. People find hope in those wins or heroic displays. Because, if a weak NFL team, for example, can win against a stronger team, then people who watched the game believe that they can win things in life.