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5 Tips You Need to Know for Successful Golf Betting

5 TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR SUCCESSFUL GOLF BETTINGGolf is the ideal sport to bet on in terms of winning big while spending less. While many other sports require bettors to stake high amounts of cash on individual games for them to win lots of money, golf provides the ability to win big and risk small.

Early favourites for the 2022 World Snooker Championship

EARLY FAVOURITES FOR THE 2022 WORLD SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIPWith the culmination of the Masters at Alexandra Palace, excitement is already building ahead of snooker’s blue riband event, the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Each year, 32 players converge for one of the most intensive sporting events in British sport, but only one can be crowned the winner.

Why Manchester City's strength in depth will secure them the Premier League title

WHY MANCHESTER CITY'S STRENGTH IN DEPTH WILL SECURE THEM THE PREMIER LEAGUE TITLEPep Guardiola and his team are probably pinching themselves right now. Up until quite recently, it looked as though the Premier League title race was set to be contested by three evenly matched teams — Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Five of the 2021 NFL season's biggest blowouts

FIVE OF THE 2021 NFL SEASON'S BIGGEST BLOWOUTSWhile a neutral viewer might prefer a close encounter that goes right down to the wire in the fourth quarter, there’s nothing a fan loves more than seeing their franchise win with considerable ease — especially if it gives them bragging rights over their fierce rivals!    

Successful NBA Betting Strategies

SUCCESSFUL NBA BETTING STRATEGIESBasketball is one of the biggest sports in America, and the NBA season is a great time for bettors. The game itself attracts people, not just bettors. Even those who are not professional bettors often wager on a player or a team. They believe they will win because they adjust how they pick.

Amendoeira Golf Resort to host EGA European Championship for Golfers with Disability

AMENDOEIRA GOLF RESORT TO HOST EGA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP FOR GOLFERS WITH DISABILITYThe Algarve’s stunning Amendoeira Golf Resort is to host the European Golf Associations (EGA) European Championship for Golfers with Disability on 21-24 August 2021, for the first time.

How Often Should You Clean An AR 15?

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU CLEAN AN AR 15?For many shooters, determining the optimal time to clean the AR-15 appears to be an unsolvable problem. You'd be astonished at how different the responses would be if you asked every owner you came across the country. Some may insist on cleaning the firearm every time they use it; others may advise doing monthly routine maintenance whether or not the AR has been shot. Yet others may argue that cleaning the gun is unnecessary if it is not being used.

Football is ‘up and running’ again! 

FOOTBALL IS ‘UP AND RUNNING’ AGAIN!After what feels like an eternity, East Algarve Walking Football and East Algarve FC are back in action with walking football and ‘normal’ running football sessions resuming on the 3rd May.