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Cristiano Ronaldo - Football's Most Successful Star

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo is known worldwide for being one of the football industry’s most successful stars. At the age of just 35, Ronaldo has had a spectacular sporting career and built massive wealth. However, his impressive wealth is not just down to his football abilities. Ronaldo has had various high-value endorsement deals and multiple successful businesses over the years that have added to his prosperity. Here are the key things you should know about Ronaldo, one of football’s most successful stars.

Portugal Masters and Open de Portugal to be played without spectators

PORTUGAL MASTERS AND OPEN DE PORTUGAL TO BE PLAYED WITHOUT SPECTATORSIn line with the European Tour’s comprehensive Covid-19 Health Strategy and following the practice of playing behind closed doors since the re-start of the 2020 Race to Dubai, the Tour has confirmed that no general spectators will be permitted at the 2020 Portugal Masters or Open de Portugal at Royal Óbidos.

Confirmation of the MotoGP Grand Prix in Algarve - November 2020

ONFIRMATION OF THE MOTOGP GRAND PRIX IN ALGARVE - NOVEMBER 2020Turismo do Algarve welcomes the confirmation, announced last week, of the holding of the MotoGP Grand Prix of Portugal at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in November.

“This is excellent news for the Algarve”, defends João Fernandes, president of Turismo do Algarve."

Portugal Masters 2020 rescheduled for September

PORTUGAL MASTERS RESCHEDULED FOR SEPTEMBERThe 2020 Portugal Masters, originally scheduled to be played in October, will now take place from September 10-13 at Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course. The tournament forms part of the reshaped 2020 Race to Dubai following the suspension of the season on March 8 due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Play will resume next week with back to-back dual-ranking events in Austria – the Austrian Open and Euram Bank Open – and will continue with the six event UK Swing, before the European Tour returns to Continental Europe.

Why Playing Golf Is Good for You

Why Playing Golf Is Good for YouOut of all the low-impact sports out there, golf is one of the most entertaining and beneficial sports in the world. Numerous people are always looking to try out a new sport that can soothe their minds and improve their health. You just need to find the right golf course that’s not too expensive and bring some friends along to play with you. If you’re wondering why it would be good to take up golf, read on to learn more about the wonderful benefits of playing golf.

Top 6 Historic Football Plays Ever Recorded

Top 6 Historic Football Plays Ever RecordedFootball is a beautiful game with beautiful scenes. Football players, on the other hand, work hard and, in the process, create some unforgettable memories for their fans. They set and break records and almost literally perform miracles on the football pitch. In this article, we recount some of the most historical plays recorded in the football field.

Portimão Basketball Team Is On The Up!

Portimão Basketball Team Is On The Up! Photos: Luís AzevedoMarcus Patterson is a 6’4, 25 year old basketball player from the Bronx, New York. Recently awarded with 2 awards for the 2019-2020 season by Eurobasket.com, he arrived in the Algarve in September 2019 and is the starting American shooting guard for Portimonense SC. 

"It’s my first year playing for the club and my first time being in Portugal. Being a pro overseas, there’s so much free time! My favorite place, other than the gym, is Algar Seco, Carvoeiro, the Algarve is like paradise, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s beautiful and refreshing. I explored and met great people in Algarve. The food is great too! I literally enjoyed my entire time with no complaints other than the excessive staring, and that wasn’t because of my height, it was because of my pantufa I wore everyday. Yes, I learned a few words! Haha."

Get out and Kayak! A full guide on how to have a safe and enjoyable paddle this summer

Get out and Kayak!Kayaking is a fantastic way to spend the summer with friends and family. Anytime is a good time to be exposed to the tranquility that nature provides. In this guide, we will show you how to get involved and what you need to do before getting started on your maiden voyage.