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Football is ‘up and running’ again! 

FOOTBALL IS ‘UP AND RUNNING’ AGAIN!After what feels like an eternity, East Algarve Walking Football and East Algarve FC are back in action with walking football and ‘normal’ running football sessions resuming on the 3rd May.  

Top 8 Horse Racing Tracks In Europe

TOP 8 HORSE RACING TRACKS IN EUROPEYou may be familiar with racing tracks in the UK and the races that they are famous for. There is often a focus on the famous tracks when bettors are choosing tips for lucky 15 as they are the tracks that are likely to see the big names and the big wins. However, how much do you know about horse racing tracks outside of the UK?

Here's How Golf Could Have A Tremendous Effect On Your Health

HERE'S HOW GOLF COULD HAVE A TREMENDOUS EFFECT ON YOUR HEALTHSports enthusiasts usually make fun of Golf as a laid-back game, when compared to other sporting activities. Of course, there is no sweat-drenched, explosive athleticism, or bursting pressure to shoot a winning goal or cover for a teammate.

Want To Get Into Paddleboarding? Here’s How...

WANT TO GET INTO PADDLEBOARDING? HERE’S HOWWe live in a world where extra activities, games, and sports pop every time. You suddenly find yourself wanting to gain a new skill or learn a new sport or you just want to have fun. Then you discover something called paddle boarding and get curious about it. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board

MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN BUYING A STAND UP PADDLE BOARDBuying a paddleboard can be quite a hefty investment, and while it is worth every penny, it is important to make sure that you are getting the right one for you.

Golf could lead tourism revival

GOLF COULD LEAD TOURISM REVIVALThere are signs that the golfing sector, an integral part of Portugal’s vital tourism industry, may bounce back dramatically after Covid restrictions are eased and international flights resumed.

Formula 1 confirms the return of the Portuguese Grand Prix on May 2nd, 2021

FORMULA 1 CONFIRMS THE RETURN OF THE PORTUGUESE GRAND PRIX ON MAY 2ND, 2021Formula 1 is pleased to announce the return of FORMULA 1 HEINEKEN GRAND PRIX PORTUGAL, in Portimão, between the 30th of April and the 2nd of May, as part of the 23 tests of the FIA calendar for the 2021 ™ Formula 1 World Championship.

Football's Greatest Record Breakers

FOOTBALL'S GREATEST RECORD BREAKERSIf you are a football lover, then you'll agree that the game is 90-minutes of excitement, suspense, and is packed with tons of unbelievable goals/feats. There's always the chance of seeing a golden hat trick, a haul, or a flying scissors kick. More so, fantastic players have been setting records all through football history. While some records remain unsurpassed, we have witnessed the smashing of others by some impressive footballers.