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Popular Cities You Need to Visit When in Mexico

POPULAR CITIES YOU NEED TO VISIT WHEN IN MEXICOMexico, once considered to be too dangerous for tourists to visit, is quickly becoming one of the world’s premier travel destinations. Its rich history, combined with its tropical climate and warm culture is attracting people from all over the world. If you are looking for a vacation to somewhere that is warm, comforting, and full of wonderful people, then Mexico’s the place for you.

Bandits on the Malaga Road

BANDITS ON THE MALAGA ROADThe time is the early sixties, I am in my mid teens, and already I have realised that I am one of nature's wanderers. There is something not just exciting but essential in not knowing where you will sleep tomorrow. School has become intolerable, and I have got bored with sleeping under the bridges of Paris. One day I decided to get on a train and go as far south as I could. Twice I got thrown off a train for travelling without a ticket, but eventually I managed to get to Barcelona, and within a day I realised I had found an alternative home. But all that meant was that I now had a base from which to do more travelling.

How to Plan a Great Anniversary Celebration in the Algarve

HOW TO PLAN A GREAT ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION IN THE ALGARVEPortugal's Algarve region usually hosts about 10 million visitors each year, most of whom make the best of the 200 kilometres of beautiful beaches. Further inland, there are hiking trails for those wanting to explore the far south-west corner of Europe which was once thought to be the edge of the world.

2021 Rankings Revealed: Portugal Is #10 Place in Europe to Study Abroad

2021 Rankings Revealed: Portugal Is #10 Place in Europe to Study AbroadThe 2021 rankings for Top 10 Study Abroad Places in the World, Europe and Asia, have recently been released. Based on a recent student survey by educations.com using external data as well as using a robust weighting and scoring system.

Exciting Activities That You Must Try When Visiting Georgia

EXCITING ACTIVITIES THAT YOU MUST TRY WHEN VISITING GEORGIAYou may think of it as a home to the world’s busiest airport (Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson), but this Southeastern U.S. state is so much more than that. Georgia is a state of many contrasts and that’s what makes it appealing for visitors. 

Alternative Ways to See European Cities In 2021

ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO SEE EUROPEAN CITIES IN 2021Travelling during health, economic, and political crises seem ridiculous. But if you are smart enough to follow health protocols in every place you visit, you have a chance to return home unscathed and filled with memories that will last—not to mention healthy lungs.

The United States Has Something For Everyone

THE UNITED STATES HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONEThe United States of America is a country that many people would like to visit at least once in their lifetime. Because the country is so large (the third largest country in the world in terms of both mass and population), it has something for everyone.

The Most Romantic Resort In Europe Is in Portugal

THE MOST ROMANTIC RESORT IN EUROPE IS IN PORTUGALThe World Travel Awards have distinguished Monte Santo Resort with the award for the “Most Romantic Resort in Europe” for its 6th consecutive year.