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'Via Algarviana' route is 20-years-old this month

viaalgarvianafamilyTwenty years ago this month the 'Via Algarviana - Algarve Way' was walked for the first time: so what is it and how did it come about?

In AD 303, Vincent, a devout and active Christian from Zaragoza in Spain, was tortured and martyred in Valencia for his beliefs under the orders of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

Spain rejected 70% more Schengen applications than Portugal in 2017

Visa deniedLast year, the Spanish consulates rejected a total of 134,394 Schengen visa applications, which was 70% higher compared to rejected visas at the Portuguese embassies, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Both Spain and Portugal attract a large number of visitors coming from all over the world every year. Altogether, their embassies shared almost 12% of the total Schengen visa applications load recorded worldwide in 2017.


ORANJEDAGI became infatuated with the Netherlands in the seventies. Its geography and the human interaction were so different to what I had grown up with that I really enjoyed my new way of life.

I'm very happy to relate that its attraciion is still there. It has been on display, big time, during our recent visit to Amsterdam.

Forbes launches Olhão charm offensive

OlhaoRiaViewUnder the title, 'Your Next Vacation: 7 Reasons to Love Olhão, Portugal,' Forbes contributor, Ann Abel has pushed the Algarve city into the international arena in her article released on May 7th.

Clearly having enjoyed the city, Abel has given Olhão a glowing review as a fine example of 'bohemian sophistication' and features Casa Fuzetta, street art, seafood, the revamped Re-Critiva, Casa Modesta, artists' studios and the city's burgeoning restaurant scene.

VILA VITA Parc reaches record number of nominations at the prestigious World Travel Awards 2018

VILA VITA Parc reaches record number of nominations at the prestigious World Travel Awards 2018VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, located in Porches, in the Algarve, has been nominated in 23 categories in the forthcoming 25th annual World Travel Awards, receiving the highest number of nominations for any property in Portugal.

New Algarve guide for Meetings and Incentives market

hotel2The Algarve Tourism Association, responsible for promoting the region as a tourist destination, has launched the Algarve Meeting Industry - Facilities & Services Guide to promote the meetings industry to international markets while showcasing the Algarve as a location for professional events.
The new guide in English intends shows the region as a highly competitive and desirable choice for the meetings industry.

2017: The year Portugal became the hottest destination in Europe

2017: The year Portugal became the hottest destination in EuropeAmazing achievements for Portugal and the Algarve. Portuguese tourism achieved one of the best European performances in 2017. The World Tourism Organization revealed that Portugal is Europe’s fastest-growing destination. During 2017 Portugal received in total more than 2300 prizes and distinctions! Condé Nast Traveler wrote Portugal was “one of the places to go in 2017” and The Huffington Post declared Portugal was “The Country Everybody Will Be Visiting In 2017”. And they were right indeed!

Hand luggage rules for Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2, British Airways and others

airplane2Hand luggage rules for Ryanair changed on January 15th and it is worth checking what other carrier allow and do not allow.

Below are rules as at Jan 23rd 2018, for easyJet, Jet2, British Airways and a few othersbut check the copmpany's website before booking - this can avoid many expensive mistakes.