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All Expat Migration Leads to the USA

All Expat Migration Leads to the USAThe United States is the most common destination for expats around the world, beating Germany, the UK, and the UAE.

Data from more than 2.1 million members of InterNations (www.internations.org), the world’s largest network for expats, shows that in May 2016 the USA was the most frequent country of residence for people who live and work abroad. Apart from the United States, the most common destinations were Germany, the UAE, and the UK.

While the main reason for moving to the USA was being sent there by an employer, according to the InterNations Expat Insider 2015 survey, an above-average number of expats who are currently residing in one of the other countries found a job on their own.

Quinta do Lago wins global recognition by world’s best-known golf title

Quinta do Lago wins global recognition by world’s best-known golf titleQuinta do Lago, has won new global recognition after receiving a top accolade from Golf Digest, the world’s best-known golf publication.

The resort was the proud recipient of an an ‘Editors’ Choice Award for Best International Resorts 2016’ in the magazine’s first-ever list of the ‘Best Things in Golf’. Revealed for the first time in this month’s issue of Golf Digest – which has more than 1.6m subscribers in the US alone – the inaugural list features a select group of leading names from the global golf industry and was compiled with the emphasis on lifestyle properties, products and services.

Moving To Portugal: The Ultimate Guide

Moving To Portugal: The Ultimate GuideThinking of moving to Portugal? Get information on Residency Requirements, The Cost of Living in Portugal, Finances and Bank Accounts, Accommodation and How to find a job.

ANTE creates a good marriage between Agriculture and Tourism

ANTE creates a good marriage between Agriculture and TourismThe National Association for Equestrian Tourism (ANTE), which is based in Golegã, successfully organised its First Congress in Equestrian Tourism on September 18th at the prestigious and impressive Belem Cultural Centre in Lisbon. 

It was attended by a variety professionals from all over Portugal – owners of prestigious Lusitano stud farms, world renowned horse and rider trainers, presidents of councils, journalists, riding facility proprietors, tourism and travel agents and representatives of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. 

SATA airline customers fight back over 'delays and lousy service'

SATA...delays, horrible customer service, unsafe aircrafts and disrespect towards elderly passengers” are just some of the more polite observations of Açorean airline SATA’s customers, many of whom would dearly love to fly with another carrier  – but there isn’t one.

The incident in August on board a SATA flight from Toronto to Ponta Delgada that had to turn back after being in the air for 10 minutes due to a 'mechanical problem' caused safety concerns.

Meetings Industry gets new Algarve website for venue selection

tourismThe Algarve Tourism Association has got its act together to attract business tourism to the region with the launch of an online venue search system.

Businesses looking for a place in the sun to launch new products, hold larger meetings or reward staff can find details of a selection of venues which specialise in the business market.

Fire Safety in Rural Areas for Tourists

Fire Safety in Rural Areas for TouristsIn order to help and advise tourists on the wildfire risks in Portugal, Safe Communities Portugal and the Portuguese Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) have developed a joint initiative with the publishing of notice entitled: "Fire Safety in Rural Areas for Visitors".

The advice is aimed at educating tourists, especially those from cooler and wetter climates, of the fire risks in Portugal especially during the summer months, to avoid inadvertently starting a fire and what to do if confronted with a wildfire.

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!Congratulations Singapore on your 50th! I did my first bit of business in Singapore in the early Seventies, just as the people were coming to terms with the distinctive approach of the first prime minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, and their relatively new status as a nation state.
Boogey Street was in full nightly flight, the floors of the Long Bar were customised by peanut shells and Singapore-slings were numerous, delicious and cheap. Also a prerequisite of any European visitor was a visit to certain stalls in the Little India bazaars to purchase outrageously cheap Sony Walkmans, and “Rolex” and “Cartier” watches to distribute to work mates, secretaries and family back at home.