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Kristjan KniggeLongship Films combines indie filmmaking and lean startup thinking, we call it agile filmmaking. The film EXPOSURE explores the relative value of memory and perception on the events in our lives by looking at the break up of a relationship between two women from their different points of view. 
This photo is Kristjan Knigge, the film Director, braving the elements last month at Praia do Barril while shooting the new film Exposure

exposureThey’re at it again and with three days to go, the push is on the reach the Crowdfunding target for a second Algarve film from the same team that brought The Right Juice to the big screen in 2014.  

EXPOSURE, now at the exciting post-production stage, is a story of ‘love, heartache and the fallacy of memory’ exploring the break-up of a relationship from both sides of the women involved.

To get this fims launched the team needs support to reach the Crowdfunding target target with just 3 days to go in of a 30-day campaign.


Art Holidays in EuropeNegla and Jane invite you to a memorable art holiday with a twist... expect to be enveloped in a relaxing journey of art, food and adventure in one of two picturesque locations in the Eastern Algarve (June and October) and Gascony (September).

Think you can't draw? Our teachers are highly qualified artists whose passion and enthusiasm brings out the creative in you, giving you all the confidence you need to produce your own portfolio.