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Do you speak Algarvian?Here is a second article of Algarve expressions, this time with help from people who commented and made suggestions as a result of the first article. Therefore, we will not mention those that were already featured in the other article, but include others of equal importance to the Algarve "dialect".

From Portugal, Stories of Saudade and Other Things... stories beyond sardines and pastéis de nataStories of Saudade and Other Things is a new podcast for anyone interested in real stories about Portugal. There are two versions of the podcast, one in Portuguese, one in English, produced simultaneously, every two weeks. It is produced by Marco António, a Portuguese TV Journalist and writer, and Lucy Pepper, a British artist and writer living in Portugal since the last century.

Portugal has many fascinating stories to tell. With that in mind, a Portuguese journalist and a British artist joined forces to create a podcast that is the ultimate in simple down-to-earth story-telling about the Portugal, and they make it in both Portuguese and English, so everyone can hear the stories.