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Algarve Life....September sketches from Edwin HagendoornEdwin Hagendoorn's favorite subjects are found in daily life, like his atelier, bedroom, kitchen and in life drawing: portraits, nudes and people in the street.

His sketches of locals in and around the famous Olhão market are completed with breathtaking speed and capture the character, movement and essence of the variety of shapes and sizes of Olhao's finest.

Mike Richards - Tattoo MikeMike Richards, originally from Swansea, is a tattoo artist with almost 25 years tattooing experience. It was a love and goal of his from a very young age.
Having worked all over the world - Germany, Amsterdam, England, Wales, America and Ireland - he recently ditched a cold and dreary UK for sunny Portugal. Creative Eye Tattoo and Piercing Studio, Vila Real to be precise.

sheldrakeAlisonAlyson Sheldrake is a local Algarve-based artist that has quietly become known for her own unique style of acrylic painting, combining local landscape features and objects within her own 'New Wave' style of bright waves of colour and lines.

She was recently requested by a client to work on a private commission which stretched her style into a new and exciting direction - the brief was simple: "can you paint our delightful and very pretty Algarve villa and can you add your own 'New Wave' style to the sky and paths?"

Casa Do PovoThis series takes place in the village of Santa Luzia in Portugal. Hidden along the south coast, overlooking the Gulf of Cadiz, the humble community of Santa Luzia seem somewhat distant from the rest of the Western world by embracing their traditional roots and rebuking technological advances.

The result of its sheltered position means this Portuguese village is a time warp of 17th century churches, bright azulejo tiled walls and sleepy residents.