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A Subtle IdeaIt is in the subtleness of the Portuguese people cultural preservation that Ângela Subtil (subtle) visits the Serra de Aire, more specifically, Minde. It is at the Local Association of Minde that a Portuguese manual loom works the natural wool to make the original patterns of Subtil's products.

Algarve Art Magazine - Summer 2018Welcome to summer and the brand new edition of our free art magazine.  As always we have a wide range of art and artists featured for you to enjoy, and lots of articles and information about upcoming exhibitions and events. We have a new feature 'Behind the Doors' which visits an art gallery here in Monchique for you, and we have our regular 'Pick up a Paintbrush' art lesson too!

Discovering the Basketwork ArtIt is on the stream banks that you can find the necessary material for Mr José Rosa to create his pieces. Alongside a small stream in Monchique, Mr José has planted wicker, which grows in the spring, to be able to work in the handmade baskets he makes in his spare time. This art, he says, he "learned everywhere and nowhere"; which his family's ancestors practised, but it was by his own will that he learned alone to enclose the plants to create all kinds of products: baskets, bottles, among others.

Exclusive Collection for Mar d’Estórias - The MUD brand - Made Under Design The MUD brand - Made Under Design - has been part of the Mar d'Estórias shop since the first day we opened doors. The family business began as a hobby by the hand of Mr João Batista, but it soon became a serious success story! The work continues to be handmade, with perfection and maximum attention given to every detail.

Uschi and her partner, Peter ThorneWhilst many people come to the Algarve to retire, local artist and businesswoman Uschi Kuhn has spent the last 15 years working as a hairdresser and body painter at her home in the picturesque hills above Loulé. 

Born in Germany, Uschi and her husband Rudi moved with their young family to South Africa in 1966 where they established a hairdressing business.  They returned to Germany in 1976 to start yet another hairdressing business in Leimen.  However, they both missed the climate, vegetation, stars, sea and sky of South Africa so much they couldn’t settle.