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Kindertransport - The agony of separationIt was pre-war Nazi Germany and fearful Jewish parents sent 10,000 children abroad to face the challenges of an alien life in England. Diane Samuel's deeply moving play, Kindertransport, tells the story of the separation of one such young daughter from her adoring family. The play opens with Helga, the mother, trying to prepare nine year old Eva for leaving the only home she has ever known. 

WhiteTerracesLogoSmallThe conclusion of another successful art course in Olhão was marked on Saturday evening with a show on the waterfront, in donated space at the busy Cais Clube bar, where many of the blossoming artists sold their work, many for the first time.

This course, rapidly becoming an 'off-season tourism' gem, differs from others as students are encouraged each morning to hone their artistic skills under an expert tutor while later in the day, encouraged to take their pick from a raft of local activities including kayaking, sailing, horse riding, walking and yoga - or stay in the studio and carry on drawing and painting.

"The Colours That Surround Me""The Colours That Surround Me" is a book of 100 pages of stunning photographs by Sandra Silva Rebelo. Landscapes and animals, mainly from the Algarve. The images are full of color that only our region provides us. A beautiful gift, or keepsake for yourself.

On Saturday 14th October, Sandra will make a public presentation of her work at the Restaurante Tempêros at Trafal beach - http://www.restaurantetemperus.pt/

alvarodosccamposJust a week ago I had a great time at a fine restaurant in Tavira, appropriately named Álvaro de Campos, filled with mainly tourists and foreign residents, watching an excellent pianist/singer, Ricardo Martins, and a charismatic actor, Pedro Monteiro - writes Rudy Engelander

Everyone was listening throughout their dinner to poetry by Fernando Pessoa in Portuguese, English and French. Not only listening: some guests were inspired enough to read some poems themselves. The whole evening, food, music, poetry, was a huge success.