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Hairdressing, body painting, art... Uschi Kuhn is passionate about it all

Uschi and her partner, Peter ThorneWhilst many people come to the Algarve to retire, local artist and businesswoman Uschi Kuhn has spent the last 15 years working as a hairdresser and body painter at her home in the picturesque hills above Loulé. 

Born in Germany, Uschi and her husband Rudi moved with their young family to South Africa in 1966 where they established a hairdressing business.  They returned to Germany in 1976 to start yet another hairdressing business in Leimen.  However, they both missed the climate, vegetation, stars, sea and sky of South Africa so much they couldn’t settle. 

Art and Photography news from the Algarve - April 2018

Art and Photography news from the Algarve - April 2018

Happy Easter to you all! Here is our latest free newsletter for you to all enjoy -  CLICK HERE to read it free online.

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Algarve Art Magazine - Spring 2018

Algarve Art Magazine - Spring 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of the Algarve Art magazine. The Spring 2018 Edition is now live online for you! I think it is our best edition so far - so please do share it with all of your friends - and let us know what you think. 
Thank you to all of the artists and members of the Algarve Society of Artists for helping to make this such a great read!

CLICK HERE to read Algarve Art Magazine Spring 2018.

‘La Luz del Sur’ - VRSA exhibits a collection of Karina Müller's paintings

KarenPix1The renowned German painter, Karina Müller, is delighted that the Vila Real de Santo António library is the venue for her latest exhibition which runs until March 30th.
‘La Luz del Sur’ is a collection of 24 paintings taken from Karina’s wide range of works in landscapes, animal portraits abstract works and collages.

Art and Photography news from the Algarve - March 2018

Art and Photography news from the Algarve - March 2018

We've got a new format for you this month and lots of news ... tell us what you think!

Best wishes from Dave and Alyson.

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A Sea of Creativity by Gabriela

A Sea of Creativity by GabrielaThe motto of Mar d’Estórias since its opening in 2016 has been creativity. Do you know why? Since the beginning, we have within our team the shop assistant Gabriela Rodrigues that is not limited to the management of the store of Mar d’Estórias. In fact, we have in Gabriela the creativity and imagination to transform our 4 walls with products in stunning showroom compositions; in presenting them in an original way and in making our selection a little more special.

Workshops and Courses - Art, Drama, Movement and Music

Art Workshops and Courses with Gonçalo RodriguesArt Workshop with Gonçalo Rodrigues on Friday, February 23rd from 6pm to 7.30 pm. (and every last Friday of the month).
The workshop on 23rd will be dedicated to reusing forms, drawings and stains. Departing from previous work we will reach different and new results. Within individual and group work, the participants will be "challenged" to create something new departing from given impulses.

Art and Photography news from the Algarve - February 2018

Art and Photography news from the Algarve - February 2018Last month turned out to be a very exciting and busy month for us both. Lots of interest being shown in our work and lots of coverage in local and international media too. We have more plans to share with you so stay tuned!

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